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Prescriptive Electric & Gas Program: HVAC, Lighting, Refrigeration, Controls and More 

Our Prescriptive Program rebates can help offset the costs of installing high efficiency equipment such as lighting, HVAC (including ground- and air-source heat pumps), refrigeration and plug loads. Enhance the appearance and efficiency of your business by working with a lighting and/or HVAC Central Hudson approved Trade Ally. They can help steer your project in the most optimal direction which provides the best benefit to your bottom line. Whether it’s upgrading your lighting to LEDs or installing a high efficient boiler/furnace, this program offers it all for our commercial customers.

Here’s how the process works:

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Step 1 – Identify

Identify the equipment you plan on installing in your building.

Contact Central Hudson before purchasing or installing the equipment to request pre-approval and confirm that it qualifies for rebates.

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Step 2 – Apply

Work with a Central Hudson Trade Ally and submit details about your equipment to validate qualifications.

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Step 3 – Approval Process

Get approved by Central Hudson. We will send you confirmation via email or phone.

You may now move forward with your equipment purchase and installation with our Trade Ally.

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Step 4 – Receive Rebate

Your Trade Ally will use our online tool to upload all necessary documentation.

Central Hudson will send your rebate in the mail within 5 to 7 weeks of receiving your final documentation. You have the option to have your check sent directly to your contractor. 


Does my project qualify?

Here are a few examples of improvements that usually qualify for rebates under our Prescriptive Program.

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Heating, Cooling & Refrigeration

Water Heating

Water Heating


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