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Natural Gas

Power your business with resilience

Businesses that use natural gas benefit from a cost-effective and resilient source of energy for heating, hot water, kitchen appliances, and other uses. Central Hudson offers incentives on efficient new natural gas equipment. Plus, we’ll also cover the cost of excavation for a service line of up to 100 feet — a $6,500 value.


Thanks to a strong domestic supply and efficient distribution network, natural gas is a comparatively cost-effective heating fuel. Take a look at the total cost for a customer using 60 million BTUs during the two most recent heating seasons: 


In addition to covering the cost of a 100’ service line (in most cases) and providing a no-cost conversion estimate, Central Hudson offers the following rebates on equipment:

Equipment Rebate
Gas furnace $600
Hydronic boiler $1,800
Steam boiler $2,000
Indirect water heater $250
WiFi thermostat $50

Click here to download the rebate form.

Contact us

Contact us today to find out if natural gas is available. Central Hudson will conduct an analysis of the feasibility and cost to deliver natural gas to your business and the amount of natural gas that would be consumed annually, as well as other factors specific to each business. Each project is carefully reviewed.


Heat Pumps

Another great option for home heating is heat pumps. Visit our heat pump information page for commercial customers to learn more about rebates from Central Hudson and state and federal tax incentives.