couple in a supermarket frozen food section


Whether you own a restaurant or manage a food service facility, equipment upgrades can save energy and money.

Whether you operate a supermarket, convenience store, restaurant, farm, or deli – if you have food you need to keep cold, we can help you do it more efficiently. Incentives are available for a variety of components, including: anti-sweat heat controls, walk-in door closers, strip curtains, electric control modules (ECM) for walk-in coolers and reach-in refrigerated cases, and more. We have two main programs:


Generally, for larger businesses or those doing extensive projects. For more info, email us.

Direct install

Generally, for small- to medium-size businesses swapping out refrigeration components in existing lighting systems. For more info, visit this web page or send us an email.


Case study

See how local commercial customers have saved energy and money.

Business Supermarket, Dutchess County
Project Refrigeration system improvements
Total project cost $165,738.52
Incentive paid -$53,986.55
Annual savings $71,885.63*
Return on investment 1.55 years

*Savings are estimated based on customer usage, efficiency, and average kWh prices.