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Whether your business’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are in need of replacement, or you’re building something new, Central Hudson can help.

Why upgrade your HVAC system?

Take advantage of available incentives to save energy and money.


HVAC typically accounts for about 40% of a building’s energy use, so increased efficiencies can translate to significant energy savings.

Available incentives

Central Hudson’s incentives decrease the overall cost of your project, speeding up your return on investment.

Improved comfort

Energy-efficient HVAC systems are often more effective at maintaining a consistent temperature and humidity level, which can lead to increased comfort for employees and customers.

How it works

Our HVAC incentives are mainly administered through two programs.


  • Uses a list of common HVAC improvements with set incentive amounts for each.
  • Can be used only for replacing existing components, not new construction.
  • Average incentive: $1,987
  • View a PDF with a detailed breakdown of rebates and requirements


Limited-Time Increased Incentives!! Customers must apply for upgrades by june 30 and install by dec. 31, 2024 to qualify.

  • Can apply to a wide variety of efficiency upgrades.
  • Can be used for new construction.
  • Average incentive: $25,987
  • View a PDF with a detailed breakdown of rebates and requirements

To apply, email or call (800) 515-5353.


Some of the HVAC equipment we provide incentives for include:

icons showing the various appliances listed below

Boilers — Steam and hydronic; boiler reset controls

Furnaces — Gas furnaces

Air conditioners — Water-cooled, evaporative, unitary, packaged terminal

Hot water — Indirect water heaters

Chillers — Air-cooled, water cooled (positive displacement and centrifugal)

Thermostats — Smart thermostat, electric or gas

Hotel equipment — Hotel room HVAC controls, dual enthalpy economizers

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Case studies

See how local commercial customers have saved energy and money.


Five Guys

Upgraded its HVAC system in two locations, saving over $6,000 a year with projects that paid for themselves in just 1.3 years.

Business Five Guys restaurants (two locations, Newburgh and Fishkill)
Project HVAC system improvements
Total project cost $12,746
Incentive paid -$4,647
Annual savings $6,187*
Return on investment 1.3 years


Newburgh Enlarged City School District

The largest school district in the Mid-Hudson Valley made upgrades to its lighting, HVAC, and energy management systems that saved it approximately $1.3 million per year and reduced greenhouse emissions by 60 percent. The project was supported by $900,000 in Central Hudson Incentives.

Culinary Institute of America

Over a number of years, the school has made upgrades to its kitchen equipment, heating and cooling (including a natural gas conversion), and lighting systems, realizing approximately 53 million kilowatt hours — enough to power about 5,000 homes. Central Hudson contributed almost $1 million to the projects.

More info

To get started, email or call (800) 515-5353.

*Savings are estimated based on customer usage, efficiency, and average kWh prices.