Restoration Priorities

Our Goal

When major storms interrupt electric service, our goal is always the same: To restore service to the greatest number of customers in the least amount of time. To understand how we are able to do this, you must realize that electricity is delivered over an interconnected series of wires that start at a power plant, and then passes through one or more substations and over different circuits and spur lines that branch off into smaller communities, eventually reaching single homes. Essential services like hospitals, public health and safety providers, and police and fire facilities receive top priority, along with any potentially hazardous situations caused by the outage.

Our Strategy

Our efforts to restore power must begin closest to the source (the power plant) and we work out from there, along all affected circuits and spur lines until each individual service has been put back online. Sometimes customers without power wonder why they haven’t seen any work crews in their neighborhood, hours or — in rare cases — days into a major storm restoration effort. The reason should be more clear now: Service at your home could be affected by damage that was done to the system at a point (or points) many miles away, closer to the source of the power. Be assured that in such emergencies we continue working our way out along the affected sections of each branch of the distribution system, until every last customer has had their power restored, and we ask for your patience while we do so.

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