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New lighting can make your business look better, increase productivity, and reduce energy use.

We have two dedicated lighting upgrade programs, each with a specific focus.

1) Prescriptive: Limited-Time Increased Incentives!! Customers must apply for incentives by June 30, 2024 and install by dec. 31, 2024 to Qualify. 

Description Original Incentive Increased Incentive
LED Interior Fixtures $15/Fixture $20/Fixture
LED High Bay/Low Bay Fixtures $50/$75/$120/Fixture $60/$85/$140/Fixture
LED Exterior Fixtures $45/$75/$90/Fixture $55/$85/$100/Fixture
LED Linear Lamp - TLEDs $2/$3/$6/Fixture $4/$6/$12/Fixture

Who it’s for: Projects that involve making substantial changes to a lighting system, including new fixtures. You’ll work with a participating contractor and Central Hudson to determine the best solution for your business.

More info and apply: View this booklet to see lighting eligibility. To apply, email or call (800) 515-5353.


2) Direct Install

Who it’s for: Projects that involve replacing light bulbs but leaving fixtures intact. We’ll provide a free energy assessment, make recommendations, and install your new lighting.

More info & apply: To learn more about this program and find out if your business qualifies, visit this website.

Example Projects

Local businesses that have received funding to install energy efficient lighting.

“After the lights were replaced, there was a major difference in the brightness of the rooms. Customers complimented the difference in the overall look and were impressed by how fast the job was completed. It has lowered my overall electric bill!”

Karen G., Doc’s K9 Center

Business Doc’s K9 Center, Kingston
Project Interior LEDs
Total project cost $4,662.93
Incentive paid -$3,003.71
Annual savings $1,739.10*
Return on investment Less than a year!


Example 2:

Business Solar panel manufacturer
Project Interior LEDs
Total project cost $26,250
Incentive paid -$13,585
Annual saving $18,089.21*
Return on investment Less than a year!


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More info

Not sure which program is right for you, or have questions about the increased incentives? We can also develop a custom program to fit your needs. Contact us and we’ll point you in the right direction.