Environmental Disclosure Labels

Your electricity provider is required to periodically provide you with information regarding the environmental impact of the energy they provide to you. The information contained in environmental disclosure labels explains the types of fuel used to generate your electricity and the air emissions resulting from that generation, as compared to the statewide averages. It is intended to inform you about how electricity is produced, and how producing that electricity impacts our environment.

If you are a supply customer of Central Hudson, or if you receive a single bill from Central Hudson containing our delivery charges and supply charges from any Energy Service Company (ESCO), you may view the Environmental Disclosure Label pertaining to your energy by clicking on the appropriate link below. Please be sure to look over both pages of the Label, as one page gives the fuel source and air emissions, while the other page provides important explanations. If you have any questions regarding the information shown on these Labels, please contact the organization from which you purchase your energy. Finally, these Environmental Disclosure Labels are created and distributed by the NYS Department of Public Service, which is the organization responsible for the completeness, timeliness and accuracy of the information contained in them.

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