Couple charging their electric vehicle at home

Residential Charging Incentives

An easy way to save money and reduce stress on the grid

Every day, more New Yorkers are switching to Electric Vehicles (EVs), and we are here to help. To make your charging habits more efficient, we’re introducing the Residential EV ChargeSmart Program, which offers incentives just for shifting when you charge your vehicle. It’s an easy way to save money while improving grid reliability and reducing pollution.

Residential EV ChargeSmart Program Benefits

  • Earn a $25 incentive just for enrolling
  • Depending on where you live, you may be eligible for:
  • Year-round incentives for charging your vehicle during off-peak hours (between 7 p.m. and 2 p.m.)
  • Bonus rewards during the summer months (June–September) for responding to Demand Response events


  • Have a permanent residential address within Central Hudson service territory
  • Own or lease a registered EV
  • Have a program-eligible device:
    • EVs
      • Audi (2017+)
      • BMW (2014+)
      • Cadillac (2011+)
      • Chevrolet (2011+)
      • Chrysler (2015)
      • Ford (2013+)
      • Hyundai (2012+)
      • Jaguar (2016+)
      • Jeep (2014+)
      • Land Rover (2016+)
      • Lincoln (2015+)
      • MINI (2018+)
      • Nissan (2011+)
      • Rivian (2022+)
      • Toyota (2017+)
      • Tesla (2012+)
      • Volkswagen (2014+)
      • Volvo (2012+)
    • EV Chargers
      • ChargePoint
      • Flo
      • Emporia

Electric Vehicle Time-of-Use Rate

The EV Time-of-Use Rate enables electric vehicle owners to purchase electricity at lower rates during times when home vehicle charging is expected to be most frequent – after 7 p.m. and prior to 2 p.m. This optional billing method converts your residential electric account to a time-based rate, billed at a higher cost during peak demand periods (2 to 7 p.m.) and at a lower one all other times. By charging your vehicle during periods of lower demand, and shifting the majority of your other energy use to this same time structure (when choosing the whole home option), you may benefit from a lower bill.

Learn more about our EV Time-of-Use Rate



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