EV ChargeSmart Program

The EV ChargeSmart Program aims to meet participants' charging needs at the lowest cost possible while improving grid resilience and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Program offers year-round incentives for charging your vehicle during off-peak hours (after 7 p.m. and prior to 2 p.m.). 

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Peak Perks Charging Rewards 

Some Central Hudson customers are also eligible to receive Peak Perks Charging Rewards. Peak Perks is a managed charging program that requires active communication and coordination between Central Hudson and the participant’s device. 

Participants that live in load-growth areas of Central Hudson’s service territory will receive notifications from Central Hudson of conservation events throughout the summer season (June – September). During a conservation event, Central Hudson will pause or reduce the charging of a participant’s device to ease stress on the grid and benefit the community. But don’t worry, you will always have control over your charging. Participants are allowed to opt out of up to two events per season without forfeiting their seasonal participation incentive. 

Eligibility Requirements 

Eligible Program participants must satisfy the criteria listed below: 

  1. Be a Central Hudson residential customer 
  2. Own or lease an eligible device 
  3. Have an account with your device manufacturer 

Customers eligible for Peak Perks Charging Rewards must also: 

  1. Live within an eligible load growth area within Central Hudson’s service territory (check the map of eligible areas). Final eligibility will be determined by a participant’s residential address. 
  2. Own an eligible networked home charger or vehicle capable of responding to conservation events. 

See Program Manual for full eligibility requirements. 


Eligible Devices 

Bold devices are eligible for Peak Perks Charging Rewards. Final EV eligibility will be determined during application review by the Make, Model, and Year. 

EV Chargers
  • ChargePoint (Home Flex, CPF25)
  • Flo (Home X5)
  • Emporia (EV Charger White & Black Options)
Electric Vehicles
  • Audi (2017+)
  • BMW (2014+)
  • Cadillac (2011+)
  • Chevrolet (2011+)
  • Chrysler (2015)
  • Hyundai (2012+, 2017+)
  • Jaguar (2016+)
  • Jeep (2014+)
  • Kia (2017+)
  • Land Rover (2016+)
  • Lincoln (2015+)
  • MINI (2018+)
  • Nissan (2011+)
  • Rivian (2022+)
  • Tesla (2012+)
  • Toyota (2017+)
  • Volkswagen (2014+)
  • Volvo (2012+)

Incentive Levels

2023 Average Savings Rate:


All participants will receive a $25 enrollment incentive when approved for the Program and will earn participation incentives based on their off-peak charging habits. Each month a participant’s kWh of off-peak charging will be multiplied by that month’s Savings Rate ($/kWh).

Those eligible for the Peak Perks Charging Rewards can receive additional participation incentives. Participants will receive a $40 seasonal incentive for responding to conservation events. Participants who respond to every conservation event in a season will receive a "Summer Streak" bonus of $20.


How to Apply 

  • Before you begin, have your charger and/or EV account login information handy. You will need your login information for the final enrollment step. 
  • Fill out the enrollment form. 
  • Connect your Device to the ChargeSmart platform. 
    • You can add an eligible EV and/or charger. 

See Program Manual for additional details on enrollment.


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