Pole Attachments

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» Specifications and Requirements for Electric Installations and Revisions

All decorative temporary attachments to utility poles require Central Hudson’s prior written approval. Licenses for decorative temporary attachments, such as seasonal lighting and other temporary attachments (flags, banners, etc.), will be issued without a fee provided the requirements listed below have been met.

Please note that attachments for commercial purposes, signs posted by individuals and pole-to-pole banners or decorations are prohibited. Any attachments that have not been licensed or are deemed to be unsafe may be disconnected or removed.

The following outlines the steps to be taken for existing pole attachments or to apply for the installation of new attachments:

  1. Contact Central Hudson to request an “Application for Decorative Temporary Attachments to Utility Poles” by one of the following methods:
    • Call: 845-52-2700
    • E-mail form
    • Request an application in writing:
      Central Hudson Gas and Electric Corporation
      284 South Avenue, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
      Attn: Real Property Services – Temporary Pole Attachments


      Click on these links for the Pole Attachment Application Part 1 and Part 2

  2. Return the completed application to Central Hudson: Central Hudson Gas and Electric Corporation
    284 South AvenuePoughkeepsie, NY 12601, Attn: Real Property Services – Temporary Pole Attachments

  3. Complete a site inspection with Central Hudson and applicant or applicant’s representative for review of existing or proposed attachments.

  4. Submit certificate(s) of insurance to Central Hudson. The applicant and applicant’s contractor must both provide certificates of insurance. The certificates of insurance shall have the minimum liability limits of $2,000,000 and must designate Central Hudson as additional insured.

  5. All existing and/or proposed fixtures and/or attachments must not interfere with Central Hudson’s or any co-owner/user’s (e.g. telephone and cable television) existing or future facilities and/or access to the poles and must comply with Central Hudson’s current standards, the NESC (National Electrical Safety Code) and the NEC (National Electrical Code).

  6. Upon approval of attachments and receipt of certificates of insurance from the applicant and applicant’s contractor, Central Hudson will issue a License Agreement.

  7. Return the signed original License Agreement for final execution by Central Hudson. The license will contain terms, conditions, provisions and content, and be in the form as deemed necessary by Central Hudson at its discretion.

  8. Applicant’s receipt of License Agreement executed by Central Hudson serves as notice of approval of attachments. The applicant or applicant’s contractor may then proceed to install attachments as approved.

  9. This application only applies to the attachments as described wherein and for the term specified. At the time of expiration, or if new attachments are to be added, a new application must be filed. Current certificate(s) of insurance will be required for the installing contractor as well as the applicant.

Please be aware that most utility poles are jointly owned by both Central Hudson and the telephone company, and therefore approval for the installation must also be obtained from the telephone company servicing your area before installation is undertaken. Please contact the appropriate telephone company regarding its policies or requirements for pole attachments.

There is no charge for the License Agreement. However, if an electrical connection is needed, a connection fee of $25 per attachment is required for all new electric services, and the applicant will be responsible for energy usage. The installation of a photocell(s) is required so that the lights do not operate during daylight hours. If the attachment is not metered, the fee for energy usage will be calculated based upon the total wattage of the attachments, the number of hours of operation, and cost per kWh.

Procedures for installing electric services are outlined in our “Specifications and Requirements for Electric Installations,” and in the revisions document, and must be coordinated through Central Hudson. There is, however, a change to our current requirements as listed in Figure 46. The Central Hudson control unit #30-15-496 is no longer available. A customer-supplied photocell must be installed in the NEMA 3R enclosure.