Operating Procedures

Distribution Pole Attachments for Cable TV and Other Major User Attachments

This set of procedures outline the attachment process to Central Hudson distribution poles. These procedures only pertain to parties requesting to attach wire and cable to distribution poles owned solely or jointly by Central Hudson. They do not apply to wireless attachments or underground installations.

» Pole Attachment Agreement

A Standard Pole Attachment Agreement must be in place before making the request to Central Hudson to make an attachment. If one is not in place, submit the signed Agreement with proper insurance and deposit to:

Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation
Real Property Services Department
284 South Avenue
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

Refer to the Standard Pole Attachment Agreement for all applicable forms and rates.

If it is a jointly owned pole, the joint owner must also be contacted for permission to attach. Refer to the list of telephone companies that are joint owners and their respective areas on the website.

Once an executed Agreement is in place, the steps below should be followed. The party requesting the attachment will be referred to as the Licensee.


The Licensee shall submit a complete application to the address listed above, with the application fee of $7.75 per pole. In addition, certain Agreements may require a post construction fee of $6.50 per pole, which shall be submitted along with the application. Each application is limited to no more than 100 poles.

Real Property Services will review the application for completeness and process within five business days of receipt. If there are discrepancies, the Licensee will also be notified within five business days of receipt. If the application is complete, Real Property Services will schedule a pre-construction survey within 45 days of the application filing date. The pre-construction survey will include the Licensee, owner and joint owner. If a date is not scheduled within that time frame the Licensee may hire an approved contractor.

After the pre-construction survey, if no make ready work is required, the Owner will issue a license for attachment. The Licensee must receive this license, which grants them permission to attach to the existing poles, before proceeding with their attachments. If make ready work is required, the following steps will be followed.

»Make-Ready Work

During the pre-construction survey any make-ready work will be identified and agreed to by all parties. Estimating will prepare the cost estimate for the identified work within 14 days of the survey and Real Property Services will contact the Licensee. The Licensee must make payment for the make-ready work within 14 days of receiving the estimate. Upon receipt of the payment, the request of the make-ready work will be submitted to the Construction Department and completed within 45 days. The Owner will notify the Licensee within 3 business days of the completed work by issuing a license to attach.


Licensee shall install its facilities in accordance with all requirements of Central Hudson, the National Electrical Code, the National Electrical Safety Code, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration any other applicable federal, state and municipal statute, rule and/or regulation, and any rules or orders now in effect or that hereafter may be issued by the PSC or any other governmental authority or any entity whose standards are referenced in the Agreement or the Exhibits attached to the Agreement having jurisdiction, including, but not limited to, all requirements for proper bonding, grounding, clearances, guying and anchoring of Licensee’s Facilities. Central Hudson reserves the right at all times to specify the type and methods of design, construction and maintenance of Licensee’s Facilities on Central Hudson Facilities and Licensee shall comply with such specifications. If permits, permissions or consents are required from federal, state and/or municipal authorities, it will be the Licensee’s obligations to apply and obtain it before attaching to Central Hudson facilities.

Post-Construction Inspection

Central Hudson may elect to perform a post construction inspection of licensee attachments within 30 days after completion of construction and charge Licensees for such inspections. If one is performed, the Licensee will be advised of any improper attachments and the cost thereof. If a violation is not corrected within 30 days, in addition to such other remedies available at law or pursuant to this Agreement, Central Hudson and/or the Owner may correct the violation at the Licensee’s expense.

Contact Information

All paperwork and payments should be addressed to the Real Property Services Department listed below. All bills are payable within 30 days, with any unpaid balance accruing interest at a rate of one and one-half percent per month until payment is received.

Central Hudson Gas & Electric Company
Real Property Services Department
284 South Avenue
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
Telephone: 845-452-2700
Email form

In addition, any questions regarding the pole attachment process should be addresses to the above.

If the pre-construction survey, make-ready estimate, or make-ready work cannot be completed within the deadline stated in the above contents, the Owner may hire an approved contractor. If the Owner fails to meet a deadline and fails to hire a contractor, the Licensee may hire the approved contractor. A list is available to the Licensee upon request to the Real Property Services Department.

» Confidentiality Statement