Residential Incentives

Incentives for Switching to Natural Gas

Central Hudson offers a range of energy efficiency equipment rebates to residential customers connecting their home to natural gas, as well as a bonus incentive applicable when working with a participating Blue Shield Trade Ally. We also offer a turnkey solution which leverages pre-negotiated equipment and labor discounts to provide customers with a cost-effective, one-stop solution. Every new natural gas customer receives a gas service line installation* -- a $4,500 value.

Option 1

Update your home heating system with a participating Central Hudson Trade Ally

Customers who pursue this route and use a Central Hudson trade ally qualify for the following rebates and incentives. Several Simply Better trade allies within Central Hudson’s network have agreed to offer exclusive discounts to customers converting their home heating system to natural gas.

For a list of Simply Better natural gas trade allies, click here
Heating Conversion Incentive Type Boiler Boiler w/Hot Water (Combi-boiler) Furnace Furnace w/ Hot Water (Combi-furnace)
Discount for using a trade ally/partner, offering an additional $500 incentive $500 $500 $500 $500
Maximum efficient boiler/furnace rebate $675 $1,000 $400 $675
Efficient indirect water heater rebate $250 - - -
Gas storage water heater rebate, Uniform Energy Factor ≥ .67 and ≤  55 gallons  $75 - $75 -
Instantaneous domestic water heater rebate, Uniform Energy Factor ≥ .90 $250 - $250 -
ECM furnace fan rebate - - $100 $100
ECM circulator motor rebate $25 $25 - $25
Natural gas Wi-Fi thermostat rebate 
(max 2 per applicant)
up to $40 up to $40 up to $40 up to $40
Gas Service Line*  $4,500 value $4,500 value $4,500 value $4,500 value

Click here for more detailed rebate information.

*Up to 100' from gas main and based on location of your residence. 


Option 2 

Update your home heating system with our Turnkey Program with a 0% financing option

Central Hudson offers an all-in-one package for customers interested in converting their home heating system to natural gas. Our Turnkey Program leverages Central Hudson’s trade ally relationships, buying power, Central Hudson rebates and incentives (above) and project management expertise. Customers taking advantage of this program can benefit from an easy and streamlined process as well as 0% financing for the first 24 months. Learn more.

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Central Hudson will conduct an analysis of the feasibility and cost to deliver natural gas to your home and the amount of natural gas that would be consumed annually. Each project is carefully reviewed.

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Residential Rebate Forms

Natural Gas Energy Efficient Equipment Rebate Form
Need a rebate form for a prior incentive offer? Please contact your account representative or email us.


Commercial Incentives

Commercial customers can also benefit from incentives for switching to natural gas, learn more.