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Is your thermostat programmed to help you save energy and money? Find out by comparing your current settings to recommended energy saving settings.

Choose your current primary heating source (if you have multiple heating options, choose the one most frequently utilized); identify whether you have Central AC; enter your typical heating and cooling temperature settings for each 8 hour time period (Home/Away/Sleep) and then click “calculate”


1. What is your current primary heating source?
2. Do you have Central Air?
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Program your Thermostat, Reduce your Carbon Footprint & Annually Save






This free calculator is provided as a reference tool. It is intended to estimate the potential annual savings generated by altering the temperature settings of your programmable thermostat. Calculations are based on customer supplied inputs compared against average rates and consider away and sleep periods of no less than 8 hours each. Actual savings amounts may vary and are highly dependent on the actual temperature settings selected by the occupants of the home. For additional information on potential energy savings with a programmable thermostat refer to Recommended temperature settings may not be appropriate for all pets and plants; final temperature selections should be based on the individual needs of your household.
This tool uses simplified assumptions based on information from the following sources: NY Technical Resource Manual, Version 6, Energy Star, US EPA