Meter Reader Safety

Safety, including the safety of our employees, is Central Hudson's highest priority. Because our employees must sometimes access customer property to perform tasks such as reading meters, we urge you to help create a safe environment.

Keep dogs restrained

Dogs are often very protective of their family and home. For the safety of our employees and for the sake of your dog, please keep pets indoors or secured, especially around the time of your scheduled meter readings. Your next scheduled meter reading date can be found: 1) On your Central Hudson bill; or 2) By logging in on our website and, under the "Account Management" tab, selecting "Basic Account Information."

Our meter readers will not approach a residence if there is a dog outside and you will be issued an estimated bill for that period.

Keep a clear path to your meter 

It is important that all customers keep a clear path to electric and/or gas meters and eliminate all obstructions. Examples of obstructions for both outdoor or indoor meters include snow, ice, vegetation overgrowth, storage boxes, garbage or any other kind of debris. If your meter is not safely accessible, you will be issued an estimated bill for that period. Regulations mandate a maximum fine of $25 per month for residential customers and no more than $100 for commercial customers per building or premises if access is not provided in a timely manner.

It is important that utility personnel be provided access to meters when necessary not only for meter reads, but also for safety. Inspections of natural gas meters are conducted periodically for your safety and the safety of the general public. 

Please remember to notify Central Hudson if your meter is located inside your business or behind a locked gate and you change keys or means of entry.