Community Choice Aggregation


Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) allows participating municipalities to procure energy supply service on behalf of eligible energy customers in their communities. Through this model, independent, third-party companies provide energy supply to every eligible home and business within a municipality or group of municipalities under one agreement. Central Hudson remains responsible for energy delivery and billing. Residents have the opportunity to opt out of the CCA and to receive their energy supply from Central Hudson or another supplier of their choice.

Central Hudson's Electric Supply Charge Stated in Dollars per kWh
Average Past 12 Months $0.08790
May 2024 $0.08319
Note: the residential monthly rate shown consists of the Market Price Charge, Market Price Adjustment and MFC Supply Charge. 


Notice from Central Hudson: Customers may use the price shown on Central Hudson’s Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) webpage to compare Central Hudson’s electric supply charge to the price of the CCA in which they may be enrolled.  Central Hudson’s residential monthly supply rate includes the Market Price Charge, the Market Price Adjustment, and the Merchant Function Charge.  Prior to June 6, 2019, Central Hudson’s residential monthly rate shown on its CCA webpage excluded the Merchant Function Charge.  Central Hudson’s residential monthly rate has since been updated to include the Merchant Function Charge to better reflect Central Hudson’s total electric supply charge.

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CCA is an extension of Customer Choice, a program enabling utility customers to choose their electric and/or natural gas suppliers. Utility bills are divided into two portions - delivery and supply. Delivery charges are for the utility's operation and maintenance of the wires, pipes and other equipment that deliver electricity and natural gas to homes and businesses, plus other customer services. Supply charges are for the energy itself, sourced from the wholesale energy market or by independent suppliers. 

The program allows one or more municipalities to work together through a shared purchasing model to obtain contracts from an independent supplier for their total amount of electricity and/or natural gas used by eligible customers within their jurisdictional boundaries. Depending on how a Community Choice Aggregation program is structured, eligible customers may have the opportunity to lower their overall energy costs and spur clean energy investment.

Under this state-approved program, individual residents and businesses will be a part of the CCA and are automatically enrolled to receive energy services from the supplier selected by their municipality. Residents may opt out of the program and obtain energy supply from an alternate source of their choice, including Central Hudson, within a time period specified by their municipality's supplier.

For specific questions related to your home and CCA, you may contact your municipality or CCA administrator. If you do not wish to participate, click here or call 845-452-2700. As always, Central Hudson remains your energy delivery company and is available to address your energy needs.

CCA Administrators may email inquiries to

Tool Kit for Local Governments

New York State Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has developed this toolkit to assist local governments and CCA administrators to develop CCA programs in New York state. The toolkit contains fact sheets and FAQs if you are interested in learning more.

» Community Choice Aggregation Toolkit

» NYS Dept. of Public Service Community Choice Aggregation webpage

» FAQs for customers
» FAQs for aggregators

Current CCA Providers by Municipality

Municipalities CCA Administrator
City of Poughkeepsie
Town of Gardiner
Town of Marbletown
Town of New Paltz
Town of Philipstown
Town of Rhinebeck
Town of Red Hook
Town of Saugerties
Village of Cold Spring
Village of Nelsonville
Village of New Paltz
Village of Saugerties

Joule Community Power, a division of Joule Assets, Inc.
Phone: 845-859-9099

Town of New Baltimore
Town of Cairo
Village of Athens
Village of Coxsackie
Good Energy
Phone: 866-955-2677