Energy Choice

You Can Choose your Electricity and Natural Gas Supplier

As a result of deregulation in New York, you have the option to choose who will be your energy supplier. Until the early 21st Century, your natural gas and electricity were both supplied and delivered by Central Hudson at prices regulated by the Public Service Commission (PSC). Under competition, this has changed. Many energy services companies (ESCOs), also called retail suppliers or marketers, are able to supply your gas and/or electricity at unregulated market-based prices. You can choose your energy supplier from among these companies, or you can continue to purchase your energy from Central Hudson. This is "Customer Energy Choice."

If at any time you are not satisfied with your independent electric or natural gas supplier, you may choose to return as a full-service Central Hudson customer.

No matter which supplier you select, Central Hudson will continue to operate and maintain the delivery system of wires and pipes that brings energy to your home or business. We'll still be there to answer your calls and respond when storms and other emergencies interrupt service. And, we'll still be here as a committed corporate citizen doing what we can to help the communities we have served for more than a century.

Effective February 2022: Customers enrolled in Budget Billing who elect to enroll, drop, or switch from/to an alternative energy provider will have an interim budget adjustment true-up within their current budget plan term. This may require a payment or issuance of a credit at the time of enrollment, drop or switch.