Overhead Electric Protection Notification Form

To the Customer/Property Owner/Contractor: Under New York State law, before beginning work near overhead electric lines, you must provide notification to Central Hudson. Notification must be received by Central Hudson no less than five (5) business days before the projected start date. If the notification is made by U.S. Mail, three (3) extra days notice is required. This notification is required for any work, project, operation or activity that may be performed within 10 feet of Central Hudson’s electric lines. However, Central Hudson encourages our customers provide notification of any projects that may be performed within 20 feet of Central Hudson’s electric lines. This allows Central Hudson to properly identify all electrical facilities and to review all precautionary measures to be implemented. You cannot commence work until Central Hudson notifies you that all precautionary measures are satisfied. Central Hudson will respond to our customers, property owners and contractors to discuss job site safety within three (3) business days of receiving this notification.

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Project Site

Contractor Information

Project Information

Will there be any construction equipment that will come within 20 feet of a Central Hudson Wire?
Type of Wire:
Do the wires run from the pole to the house?
Do the wires run from pole to pole along the roadway?
Do the wires run from a utility-owned pole to a customer-owned pole?

Project Description

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