Committed to Making Things Right

On Sept. 1, 2021, Central Hudson moved to replace our outdated customer information system, which had been in use for over 40 years. This was necessary to establish a modernized service platform that can better accommodate our customers' needs and adapt to the changing energy grid.

We are aware that this process resulted in many serious issues and difficulties for our customers during and after the changeover. We deeply regret any inconveniences caused to customers who experienced delays in billing or encountered other billing-related problems.

We are committed to making things right for all affected customers, and making things better for all customers moving forward.


Steps We Are Taking

We are actively working to address any remaining issues and restore our commitment to providing excellent customer service and to regain your trust.

  • As our first and foremost priority, we have ensured that any customers who were overbilled have been fully reimbursed.
  • We have a new CEO, who is facilitating positive change and a new direction.
  • We have invested tens of millions of dollars to rectify past issues and improve our services for the future.
  • And finally, we are working towards moving away from estimated meter reads to enhance billing accuracy and reliability.


Customer Expectations Going Forward

  1. Rebuilding Trust: We are committed to rebuilding your trust until we once again meet the standard of care that you expect from us, as well as the high standards we set for ourselves.
  2. Strengthening Our Workforce: We are actively hiring and training new customer service staff and establishing a brand-new billing department.
  3. Resolving Lingering Issues: We are steadily making progress in resolving any remaining issues with the billing system.


We acknowledge that we have challenges ahead, but we are determined in our commitment to providing exceptional service. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to improve and deliver on our promises.

If you are still experiencing issues regarding interpreting your bill, please go our Your Bill Explained page to learn more.

If you believe you are still experiencing issues related to inaccurate billing, please contact us.