Cost Adjustments

Cost Adjustments Description
Market Price Charge & Market Price Adjustment The Market Price Charge (MPC) is designed to recover the cost of providing electric power supply to Central Hudson’s full service customers (those who purchase supply through Central Hudson, as well as delivery). The Market Price Adjustment (MPA) is an adjustment – either plus or minus – of the previous month’s market price of energy to reflect any differences caused by the timing of billing and collection.
Miscellaneous Charges Credits and charges related to transactions with, for example, the grid operator. For non-demand customers also includes costs associated with the Company’s Targeted Demand Response Program, the Company’s Distributed System Implementation Plan, the costs associated with certain elements of Value Stack Compensation related to the purchase of generation, and the Company’s Commercial System Relief Program.
Purchased Power Agreement Usually a credit, this item reflects the long-term power purchase agreements that have been negotiated between Central Hudson and the new owners of its former power plants.
Gas Cost Adjustment The Gas Cost Adjustment (GCA) is designed to collect the expense incurred by the Company to serve customers taking service under Service Classification Nos. 1 and 2.