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Good Neighbor Fund

How it works

The Good Neighbor Fund provides "last resort" grants to help pay the energy bills of local residents in need who have exhausted all other forms of public and private utility assistance. The Good Neighbor Fund is administered by the Salvation Army and funded by Central Hudson customers, employees and shareholders.


How the Good Neighbor Fund can help

Eligible customers may receive:

  • A grant up to a maximum of $325 based on their service type and average monthly bill;
  • A new deferred payment agreement for the remaining balance.


Special grant for veterans & military families

Central Hudson has made a special grant available for eligible veterans and military families served by Central Hudson, who are experiencing a financial hardship as defined below.  Eligible recipients may receive a $200 grant applied to a Central Hudson account. As long as funding remains available, eligible recipients may receive this grant two times per year. Certain requirements under the Good Neighbor Fund will be waived for eligible veterans and active military personnel. Regular grants are also available for qualified military customers through the Good Neighbor Fund. 

Application information and eligibility requirements for the veteran and military family grant:

  • Active military personnel and honorably discharged veteran applicants with a hardship are eligible for this special grant. A hardship includes having received a Final Termination Notice, had services terminated for non-payment or been denied new service due to a past due balance.
  • A spouse or partner may apply for the grant to be applied to the account of a veteran or active military person, providing proof of identification to the Salvation Army as well as proof of spouse’s or partner’s military service.
  • If the active military person or veteran does not have an account with Central Hudson, and resides at a location served by Central Hudson and is considered part of that household, the account-holder may apply with proof of residency. 
  • Grant recipients will be eligible for three regular Good Neighbor Fund grants within a five-year period, in addition to the special military family grant.

Grant recipients will receive a new deferred payment agreement, if needed, for the remaining account balance.  


Who may be eligible for regular Good Neighbor Fund grants?

  • Eligible applicants must first apply for all forms of available assistance from the Department of Social Services and HEAP.
  • Applicant must have a hardship (received a Final Termination Notice, had services terminated for non-payment or denied new service due to a past due balance).
  • Have not received three Good Neighbor Fund grants within the past five years. 


How do I apply for assistance?

Contact a Central Hudson customer service representative to apply at (845) 452-2700 or, for calls from outside the 845 area code only, 1-800-527-2714.

How can I help my neighbors in need?

You can make a tax-deductible contribution by:

  • Adding a whole-dollar amount from $1 to $10 to the payment amount of your utility bill (see the pay stub section of your utility bill for further information), or, if paying online, follow the simple instructions on the screen.
  • Sending a check payable to "The Good Neighbor Fund" to:
    Central Hudson
    Consumer Outreach Dept.
    284 South Avenue
    Poughkeepsie, NY 12601