Knapps Corners substation

Central Hudson is updating the electric infrastructure in the Town of Poughkeepsie by replacing a substation with a modern facility that will meet the current and future needs of residents and businesses. The current substation, which was constructed in 1941 and is beyond its useful life and in need of replacement, is located at the intersection of Spring Road and Kerr Road. The replacement substation will be located on the same 7-acre utility property near the original facility. The original substation will be largely decommissioned following completion of the new facility.

Substations distribute electricity by “stepping down” transmission-level voltages to distribution-level voltages along assigned circuits to serve communities in a geographically-defined area. The Knapps Corners substation serves approximately 3,500 accounts, consisting of residential, commercial and industrial customers within the Route 9 area.

The project has received approvals from municipal and regulatory agencies, and is planned for completion in December 2021, when the replacement substation is placed in-service. Retirement and removal of the original substation is planned for the first quarter of 2022.

Central Hudson has taken many factors into consideration and is sensitive to environmental resources and the local community. We are committed to completing the project safely, respectfully and expeditiously.

For questions or concerns regarding the project, please contact Central Hudson’s dedicated project line at 845-486-5342.