Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Central Hudson has a strong history of prioritizing the environment, practicing social responsibility and maintaining sound governance practices integrated into our business strategy. We strive to not only provide energy services to customers but also strengthen the communities we do business in and foster energy innovations that will lead to a cleaner and sustainable energy future. 

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What does ESG mean to Central Hudson?

Delivering sustainable, reliable and affordable services to our customers while reducing our carbon footprint (Environmental), empowering the communities we serve and advancing a workforce for the future (Social) while maintaining a strong and transparent corporate governance structure (Governance). 

Corporate Sustainability Reporting

Central Hudson is part of the Fortis Inc. company with current operations across North America, South America and the Caribbean. Fortis is committed to providing transparent, relevant and timely sustainability reporting to its stakeholders. All of Fortis’ sustainability reports can be found through their sustainability reporting website. 

ESG Reporting Initiatives 

Central Hudson worked with Edison Electric Institute (EEI), the American Gas Association (AGA), investors and other member utilities to develop qualitative and quantitative voluntary reporting templates for investors. The information provided in the templates are intended to provide consistent ESG/Sustainability data. The quantitative templates are available here: Related to electricity  |  Related to natural gas 

Questions on Central Hudson’s sustainability and ESG efforts can be forwarded to sustainability@cenhud.com



Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA) & Climate Change

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Climate change and the vision of a decarbonized future are evolving the economic and societal environments we live and operate in every day. As the primary Hudson Valley’s energy provider, it is our responsibility to provide a good example to our customers and show commitment to ensuring a sustainable Energy Transition to a decarbonized future. 

Decarbonization efforts requires partnerships and collaboration of all industry sectors to ensure communities are included in the transition. Central Hudson is conducting climate change studies to inform the development of resiliency plans and transition plans to help navigate the company’s future efforts. Central Hudson’s investments in the modernization of the electric and gas infrastructure, while ensuring a just transition that is inclusive, equitable and collaborative, demonstrates our ability and commitment to influence a cleaner energy future. 

Equitable Transition

The concept of “Equitable Transition” refers to the inclusion of communities, workers and social groups during the company’s efforts to decarbonize and meet climate change goals. As Central Hudson continues to innovate, deploy new technologies and launch new programs, our efforts aim to support the development and design of strong and resilient communities while ensuring racial justice and social equity. 

Energy Affordability and Assistance Programs

The past couple of years have presented numerous challenges like customers seeing an increase in the cost of living which, including basic necessities such as housing, food and utilities and utility companies facing inflation issues resulting in an increase in energy resources and utility bills for customers. Central Hudson offers several Savings Programs for customers seeking ways to reduce their utility bills and Assistance Programs should a customer experience financial difficulties or need special assistance.



Greenhouse gas emissions chart

As a utility, we are required to abide by various federal, state and local regulations. We strive for continuous outstanding environmental performance and have a goal of zero violations and fines annually. The evolving regulatory environments create unique challenges that requires us to be adaptable and continuing to seek innovative solutions. Central Hudson has worked hard to earn its reputation as a champion of renewable energy and good stewards of the environment. Our employees, customers and stakeholders work, play and live in the beautiful Hudson Valley region. It is more important than ever that we integrate sustainable strategies and seek innovative solutions to protect our natural landscapes and biodiversity habitats. 

Central Hudson continually seeks ways to reduce its operational greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and has developed a direct emissions (Scope 1) reduction goal. While the initial focus is on direct emissions reductions, indirect emission sources are being analyzed to identify actions and goals in the future. The path to meeting NYS’s progressive climate goals requires the Company to seek innovative solutions through leveraging the insights and expertise of industry peers, industry analysts and knowledgeable employees. An example of an emissions reduction initiative was the implementation of a pilot program that helped CHGE purchase certified natural gas to reduce supply chain GHG emissions. 

The pace and scope of our actions are influenced by multiple factors, including customer needs, regulatory and policy decisions, technological advancements, and stakeholder input. Central Hudson supports and advances the State’s climate and environmental justice goals and continues to remain committed to working with our customers, regulators, investors, employees and other stakeholders to ensure a sustainable and equitable energy transition. 

Central Hudson's website provides more information about Environmental Responsibility


Social Impacts

Central Hudson’s responsibilities go beyond providing, safe, affordable and reliable electric and gas services to our customers; we provide opportunities and connections for our customers and the communities we serve. We continue to work with the customers to identify ways to save electricity, advancing environmental and climate efforts and identifying local economic development opportunities. We recognize that our responsibilities go beyond the roles of a traditional utility company, and we are in a position where we can connect our customers and the communities together. 

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Investing in Our Employees

Central Hudson’s employees are a critical to the company’s business and future. The company is not only focused on hiring, developing and retaining our employees but also supporting their mental, cultural and physical wellbeing. As the workforce demographics continue to evolve, Central Hudson is making the necessary investments into our workforce to ensure we have the applicable policies and practices to provide a safe and healthy work environment while ensuring competitive and fair compensation and benefits. These efforts also include equitable access to career growth and development and a supportive, inclusive and engaging culture.

In the Community

In the Hudson Valley, Central Hudson is deeply integrated into the communities we serve and live in. The economic vitality of the communities we serve is an important aspect in how we do business which is why we are continually seeking ways to create long-term sustainable value for our customers, communities and organization.  Our commitments to local organizations like United Way, demonstrate our pride in taking an active role in making the world a better place for the people we serve. 

As part of our commitment to get local communities to work, Central Hudson offers several Employment Programs, including a Community to Work Program and Troop to Energy jobs. Central Hudson’s employees take pride in serving the communities where we live and work. The company is proud to support local non-profit groups and provide opportunities for creating community partnerships through several Community Outreach programs.

Safety Culture

Part of Central Hudson's core responsibilities is keeping our employees and customers safe. As the company continues its efforts to increase focus and awareness on safety, health and wellness throughout the organization, it is also that our customers practice safe and responsible use of electricity and natural gas. 

Central Hudson’s website provides several Safety resources to customers to encourage the safe and responsible use of electricity and natural gas.  


Governance Impacts

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Central Hudson is committed to maintaining an effective corporate governance structure that operates with integrity, accountability and transparency. Central Hudson’s executive team plans and executes strategies designed to achieve our priorities which, includes ESG and sustainability related initiatives and issues. Throughout the year, our management team reports regularly to the Board and its committees on the status of our business plans, important projects and initiatives and on existing or potential risks the company may be facing.

The majority of our Board is made up of independent directors from our local communities. Their relevant skills and professional experience make them highly qualified to oversee the company's planning and response to ESG issues that could impact Central Hudson's operations and strategy, such as climate change, human capital management, diversity, equity and inclusion and cyber and physical security.

Public Policy and Industry Groups

New York State maintains one of the most progressive legislative programs and policies in the country. We work with stakeholders including federal, state and local regulators, customers, financial institutions and others to ensure their interests and concerns are being addressed. Additionally, Central Hudson participates on several utility working groups like the Edison Electric Institute (EEI), Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and American Gas Association (AGA) to ensure the best industry methods are integrated into Central Hudson’s operations.