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Budget Billing

Consistency. Predictability. That's Budget Billing.

How it works

To avoid the seasonal fluctuations of energy bills that can be caused by hot or cold weather extremes, Budget Billing aims to spread your bill payments evenly over 12 months. Your monthly budget payments are expected to be uniform for 11 months, based on your usage history. The bill for the 12th month will include a plus-or-minus adjustment to reflect your actual usage and energy prices for the year.

Mid-plan adjustments: Every six months Central Hudson will review your Budget Billing balance and, based upon known or projected rates, adjustments and your usage, will recalculate your Budget Billing payment amount. Central Hudson will also review the Budget Billing balance if significant cost or usage changes occur at other times during your annual Budget Billing cycle. Either of these reviews can result in automatic revisions to the original monthly payment amount. This is done in an effort to keep your monthly Budget Billing amount due in line with your actual costs for the year and bring the final, adjustment month bill more in line with your regular monthly payment amount.

Why switch

If you would like a consistent, predictable energy bill free of fluctuations often caused by weather extremes.

Effective immediately (February 2022): Customers enrolled in budget billing who elect to enroll, drop, or switch from/to an alternative energy provider (ESCO) will have an interim budget adjustment true-up within their current budget plan term. This may require an payment or issuance of a credit at the time of enrollment, drop or switch.


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