Commercial Incentives for Natural Gas Conversion



Natural Gas is good for business. Converting some or all of your heating system, water heating equipment and appliances to natural gas can positively impact your bottom line. Depending on the age of your current systems, it can increase reliability, performance and overall efficiency, resulting in lower energy costs and potentially greater profit.

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Central Hudson is currently under the New York State PAUSE Executive Order which dictates that until further notice and unless otherwise specified, we can only process energy efficiency applications that are considered an emergency. This does not apply to applications received before April 1, 2020. Applications received April 1, or after, will be placed in Temporary Processing Hold unless determined to be an emergency installation. Emergency circumstances will be reviewed and approved on a case-by-case basis.

During this PAUSE, please note, we continue to review and pre-approve commercial projects that meet or exceed our $10,000 incentive threshold as well as all custom projects. In lieu of in-person pre-inspections, we are accepting photographs of existing equipment and conditions so not to delay the process any further. Those projects granted pre-approval through our alternate process will still be subject to on-site post-inspections once the order is lifted.

After the PAUSE, Central Hudson will conduct an analysis of the feasibility and cost to deliver natural gas to your business and the amount of natural gas that would be consumed annually, as well as other factors individual to each business on-site. Each project is carefully reviewed. Contact us today to get started!

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Newburgh: Lisa Carver, 845-563-4529
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