A statewide incentive program was established to encourage deployment of public direct current fast charging ("DCFC") stations. New York State utilities now provide an annual per-plug incentive in support of the development of public DCFC stations.  Central Hudson’s incentives are indicated below.

Incentive Structure:  The incentive is based on the year of participation. Annual incentives will be earned on a per plug basis as follows:


Eligibility Year Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7 Total
2019 $11,000 $9,429 $7,857 $6,286 $4,714 $3,143 $1,571 $44,000
2020   $11,000 $9,429 $7,857 $6,286 $4,714 $3,143 $42,429
2021     $11,000 $9,429 $7,857 $6,286 $4,714 $39,286
2022       $9,429 $7,857 $6,286 $4,714 $28,286
2023         $7,857 $6,286 $4,714 $18,857
2024           $6,286 $4,714 $11,000
2025             $4,714 $4,714

The annual per-plug incentive for plugs rated to dispense a minimum of 50 kW but less than 75 kW will be 60% of the annual incentive noted above. The total DCFC station annual incentive payment shall not exceed the total delivery cost for the twelve-month billing period in which the incentive is being calculated (“delivery cost cap”).   No incentives will be earned for twelve-month periods commencing after December 31, 2025.

How to apply for this incentive

Incentive availability status
Updated May 1, 2020
Incentive funds paid $0
Incentive funds remaining $4.4M
Total number of plugs 100
Number of plugs enrolled 25
# of plugs 50-74kW 0
# of plugs 74kW and higher 25
Number of plugs remaining 75

To begin the application process for electrical service for proposed installations, please complete and/or submit all of the following forms:
1. Our Commercial Account Application
2. Our Commercial Electrical Data Form
3. A copy of your building permit to install charging equipment or note from the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) that no building permit is required.
4. Site Host Agreement
5. W-9 Form

Additional required documents to be submitted by approved participants when your incentive payment is due:
1. Signed Equipment Owner Agreement
2. Payment of any required Contribution In Aid of Construction (CIAC) for excess distribution facilities within 60 days of communication of those fees.
3. Serial numbers and GPS coordinates for all charging equipment.
4. Installed Site Photo: Photo of the charging equipment installed so the equipment is visible at its site
5. Serial Number Photo: Photo of the serial number on each piece of charging equipment
6. Charging Equipment Installer CertificationScan of signed Charging Equipment Installer Certification. If the Equipment Owner self-installed the Charging Equipment, the Owner must still complete this form.
7. Network Service Agreement: Scan of proof of payment for one (1) year of network services (where applicable)
8. Proof of payment for equipment: Scan of proof of payment for Qualified Charging Equipment. The proof of payment for the equipment should list information about the vendor (name, company, contact information), the make and model name of the specific equipment purchased, per-unit costs, any accessories purchased along with their costs, and the total cost.
9. Proof of payment for installation services: Scan of proof of payment from installer for the installation of Qualified Charging Equipment. The proof of payment should include information about the installer (name, company, contact information), a breakdown of costs by materials (as specific as possible, on a per-unit cost basis and total cost basis) and labor (hourly rates and number of hours at each rate), other expenses such as permits, and the total cost.

DCFC Incentive Program Implementation Manual

Associated Documents