Business Charging Incentives

Central Hudson offers a special Time-of-Use Rate for electric vehicle owners. By charging your vehicle during periods of lower demand (after 7pm), and shifting the majority of your other energy use to this same time structure, you can benefit from a lower bill. EV owners are able to test whether this rate works for them with Central Hudson’s first year bill protection. Learn more.

Charging Stations

The following incentives, tax credits and rebates may apply to businesses, local governments, educational institutions and more for the installation of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), also known as vehicle charging stations.

The Direct Current Fast Charger Incentive Program is a statewide incentive program established for utilities to provide an annual per-plug incentive to encourage deployment of public direct current fast charging.This program is geared toward commercial accounts and other large organizations. The incentive is based on the year of participation, for 2019 the incentive is $11,000 per plug for plugs rated to dispense 75 kW or greater, declining annually by one-seventh throughout the seven-year program period. For information and how to apply, click here.

The Make Ready Program provides up to 100% of the costs for infrastructure needed to install EV charging stations. 

Central Hudson is working with local fleet operators to determine which vehicles are the most suitable in converting to electric through our Fleet Assessment Service.

Tax Credits

As of 2013, New York State provides an Alternative Fuel Vehicle Charging Income Tax Credit for 50 percent of the cost, up to $5,000, for the purchase and installation of alternative fuel vehicle refueling and electric vehicle recharging stations. The credit is available through Dec. 31, 2022, and is targeted at commercial and workplace charging stations.


Charge Ready NY offers public and private organizations that install Level 2 EV charging stations at public parking facilities, workplaces, and multifamily apartment buildings rebates of $4,000 per charging port they install, a significant savings of 30 percent to 80 percent, depending on station and installation costs. Charging stations typically have one or two plugs, or charging ports, per station. Level 2 stations provide up to 25 miles of electric range to cars for each hour they are charging.

How Does the Charge Ready NY Rebate Work?

  • Select an eligible charging station and network service provider.
  • Charging station purchasers can sign up to participate in Charge Ready NY. Installers and vendors cannot apply on behalf of the charging station purchasers.
  • When your application is approved, you'll receive a link to the NYSERDA Portal.
    • If you are applying before you install your charging station (pre-application), you will submit initial documents and, if your pre-application is approved, NYSERDA will reserve funds for you. You will have 180 days to install your station and submit final documentation. Documents required for pre-approval include a building permit, at least one installation quote, and a signed Site Host Agreement.
    • If you have installed your charging station within the last 90 days, you can apply and submit all documentation in one submission. Documents required for final approval are listed on page 10 of the Program Implementation Manual.
  • Once you have submitted all required documentation and it has been approved, you will receive your rebate from NYSERDA.

    For Charge Ready NY eligible charging equipment and networks, click here.


The Municipal ZEV rebate program provides rebates for costs associated with the purchase or lease (for at least 36 months) of eligible clean vehicles, and installation of eligible infrastructure that supports public use of clean vehicles. To be eligible, the primary purpose of a facility must be the charging or fueling of clean vehicles by the public.