Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Contacts

General inquires, billing and metering questions
Phone: 845-452-2700 or 1-800-527-2714 
Email: Pvmetering@cenhud.com

VDER Compensation, Community DG or Remote Net Metering questions
Tom Su
Phone: 845-486-5287
Email: TSu@cenhud.com

5MW or less, technical questions or interconnection application inquires (including PowerClerk support)
Phone: 845-486-5215 
Email: DG@cenhud.com

Project Managers: 
Below 500 kW refer to https://www.cenhud.com/business 
500 kW and above (excluding NYISO) – Carrine Mullin
Phone: 845-334-7020
Email: CMullin@cenhud.com

NYISO Projects: 
Intend to participate in NYISO wholesale markets or connecting in FERC jurisdiction - Contact NYISO directly
Website: https://www.nyiso.com/interconnections

Interconnection Ombudsman:

Hal Turner
Phone: 845-486-5830
Email: HTurner@cenhud.com
Ombudsman Role:  Assist DER developers and utilities to resolve interconnection-related questions and disputes with a best practices approach to these problems.