Insights and Insights+


As of Dec. 31, 2020, CenHub Insights and CenHub Insights+ are no longer available to Central Hudson customers. 

We are exploring new and improved ways to deliver energy efficient tips and recommendations. Central Hudson is focusing on expanding our rebate and incentives options in local retailers and will continue to provide energy saving tips to our customers.

If you are an Insights+ customer, you can view your monthly usage on your Central Hudson bill, or by logging into your online account and visiting






I am looking for CenHub Insights and challenges but can’t find them on the website.

CenHub Insights is no longer available, therefore, we can’t offer energy savings challenges on this platform. You can get energy saving tips here:


Where can I get energy efficiency tips?


Will I still receive efficiency comparisons as part of the CenHub Insights program? 

If you are a customer that receives household comparisons via email or mail, you will no longer receive those comparisons after Dec. 31, 2020. We are looking into alternate options for the future.



Why can’t I enroll in Insights+?

Central Hudson is no longer offering this program.


Why is Insights+ being discontinued?

Insights+ is being discontinued due to the the termination of the partnership with the provider.

I have an Insights+ meter, will I still be able to see my granular data?

Granular data will no longer be available, however, you can view your monthly usage on your Central Hudson bill, or by logging into your online account and visiting

I am a TOU customer, how can I see my TOU breakdown?

Customers will be unable to view the time-of-use breakdown at this time.


Will I still get billed my actual usage each month?

Yes, customers that receive an actual bill in lieu of an estimate will continue to receive actual monthly bills.


Will I still be charged for my Insights+ subscription?

No, all subscriptions will be turned off as of December 31, 2020.


Will I still be able to access my data?

No, daily and hourly usage data will not be available on the Central Hudson website.


I am a Time-of-Use customer. Will I still be on Time-of-Use?

Yes, Time-of-Use is a separate program and there will be no changes to your enrollment in that program. The only change is that you will no longer be able to access to see your daily and hourly usage data.


Can I opt out of Time-of-Use? 

If you have fulfilled your one-year commitment to Time-of-Use, you may opt out. If you have not yet reached the end of your one-year commitment than you will have to continue with the program until the one-year date of the agreement.


Will I still receive my Geothermal Rate credit?

You will still receive your Geothermal Rate Credit through June 30, 2021.


Will Central Hudson be changing out my meter? 

No, Central Hudson will not be replacing the Insights+ meter at your residence.


Will I still receive high usage alerts?

No, you will no longer receive these email alerts as this was part of the Insights+ program.


More FAQs on CenHub programs can be found here