Gas Projects

Improving Safety & Reliability


Central Hudson is replacing certain natural gas mains (which run along roads and streets) and service lines (which connect to individual homes, apartment buildings and businesses) that are comprised of cast iron and steel in communities throughout the Mid-Hudson Valley to ensure the safety and reliability of the natural gas system.

The majority of these lines are located in cities, villages and areas gas service was first offered in the Mid-Hudson Valley. Many of these pipelines were installed in the 1930s or earlier.

We're replacing older natural gas pipelines at an accelerated pace to enhance system reliability, safety and efficiency. 

The graphic below explains this process, in general, while the column to the right provides links to town- and timeline-specific information.

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Scheduled Work

During the Coronavirus pandemic, all work related to gas line replacements is limited to outdoor activities only.

To our customers receiving letters regarding a project taking place in their neighborhood: Please note these changes. As the outbreak of the Coronavirus COVID-19 impacts our communities, we are modifying this work in order to maintain the safety and health of our customers, contractors and employees. As a result, if the service line to your home or building is affected, our contractors are limiting this work to outdoor activities only. Customers requiring replacement of the service main connecting their home or building will be contacted by our contractors to schedule an appointment. At this time, only outdoor work will be performed. In the future, when health officials provide clearance, our affected customers will be contacted again to schedule the indoor work.

Gas main replacements are scheduled to take place in portions of the following communities:

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City of Kingston - Clinton Avenue, Maiden Lane, Albany Avenue, Elmendorf Street, Tremper Avenue

City of Kingston - Mary's Avenue

City of Kingston - Broadway

City of Newburgh - West

Cornwall - Main Street

Town of Lloyd


Think You Smell Gas? 
Let Us Know.

LET US KNOW by calling the gas odor hotline at 800-942-8274. Or, call 9-1-1.
This 800 number can only be used to report gas leaks. For more information, click here.