Energy Efficiency Program FAQs

Yes. All energy delivery customers in New York are eligible to participate in utility rebate programs as long as they have an active account.

Central Hudson partners with Sealed, who will do a house assessment for qualified customers. Sealed covers the upfront costs of your upgrades—up to $6,500, and is paid back in your energy savings over time. The NYSERDA no-cost home energy audit is another option and offers two programs:.

We do not offer an energy survey for homes. You do have options, however. You can use a BPI-certified SavingsCentral Trade Ally to perform air sealing at your home and then apply for a rebate; but this is only for electric heating or natural gas heat customers only.

New York state has set forth some of the boldest clean energy policies in the nation with the goal of reducing carbon emissions and addressing climate change and Central Hudson supports these goals. For information on how we will work to acheive these goals, click here.

Learn more about the program click here.

Visit the pages below for details about current programs:

The customer should fill out the front of the form and the Trade Ally should fill out all the technical information requested on the back of the form.

Four to six weeks. It will take longer if information is missing from the form. Make sure your Trade Ally fills in all the required technical information.

This energy efficiency program aims to reduce energy use by removing less-efficient refrigerators and freezers from residences when upgrading to an Energy Star certified model. The program includes scheduling and free appliance pick-up at the customer's home, transportation of the collected units to a recycling facility, and recovery and recycling of appliance materials. This means that your unit will be recycled responsibly. As an added bonus, Central Hudson will pay you $100! For information on this program, click here.