Outage Map Guide

View Outage Map

Outage information is updated every 10 minutes.

The access menu tab, located at the top left corner of the map, presents the following options:

The Legend tab explains how the color-coded outage symbols indicate the number and location of customers without service. For each outage case, a symbol is placed on the map.  Users can navigate the map to an area of interest and can click on the outage symbol to obtain specific outage information, including an estimated time of restoration (ETR) for each location. 

The Summary tab provides additional information by county and municipality. Click on the icon Outages by County for an overview of the county, customers affected, total customers served and estimated restoration times when available. Estimated times of restoration (ETR) by county are also known as Regional ETRs. Click on the (+) sign to the left of County for individual town and city outage listings. Estimated times of restoration for individual municipalities are also known as Local ETRs.  The term Global ETR refers to the estimated time when electric service will be restored to at least 90 percent of affected customers.

The Weather tab allows you to see weather radar over our service territory.

You may Bookmark your current map view.

You can change Layers to Road, Satellite or Hybrid view.

Click on the Magnifying Glass to find a street address. Simply add the street followed by the city and hit enter. Your location will be indicated with a house icon on the map. 


How do I see outages in my area?
Click the zoom (+) icon in the upper left corner of the map, and then use the mouse to drag right, left, up or down to navigate to the specific location you want to view. You can also type your address (street, city) in the Search Address (magnifying glass on the top left of the map).

When I type in my address, the map does not zoom in on my house.
For customer security, the Outage Maps Tool does not display outage views to the specific street address.

How can I tell when my power will be restored?
Click on the outage icon (round circle) for your area to view more details about the outage, including estimated time of restoration when available.

My home was without power when I left for work. When I got to work and went online to the outage map, I typed in my address and there was no circle. What does this mean?
Once your power outage has been restored, the outage icon (round circle) will be deleted from the outage map and this is an indication that your power has been restored.

The power in my house just went out and when I went online to access the outage map there was no information about my outage. How often is the outage map updated?
The Outage Map information is updated every 10 minutes from our Outage Management System (OMS). We depend on our customers to make us aware of their power condition so it is important to report your outage. Do this by simply clicking on any outage icon. Then click on "Report," and, using your account number or telephone number for the location that has lost power, report your outage. You can report your power condition and also receive estimated restoration information when available.

Is there another way I can find out about outages in my neighborhood? 
Yes. You can sign up for text alerts to be informed on power outages at your home and restoration times. Go to CentralHudson.com/alerts for more information. If your mobile phone is already registered with Central Hudson, simply text "236483" and then "REG" to register for this service. If your cell phone number is not on file in our records you will need your 10-digit Central Hudson account number in order to register.