House at night with text Heating With Natural Gas Cost Comparison

If you are using oil or propane for heating, converting to natural gas makes sense.

While energy prices have been increasing across the board recently, natural gas remains the most cost-effective choice.

Let’s look at the prices of several different fuels during the most recent heating season and convert them to mmBTUs as a common unit of measurement.

The results are clear: natural gas gives you the most for your heating dollar.

And if you’re converting from another fuel to gas, you will enjoy even greater savings than the chart suggests due to improved efficiency. Natural gas heating systems are up to 98 percent efficient while older systems could be providing as little as 70 percent efficiency due to age and the inherent constraints of oil heating equipment.

That’s the difference between 2 percent and 30 percent of the heat you paid for going up the chimney.

So make last winter the last winter you paid more than necessary to heat you home.

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