Commercial and Industrial Demand Response

Become part of a solution to alleviate the high demand for electricity that occurs during times of peak demand. By enrolling in one of Central Hudson's demand response programs you can help minimize the need for costly upgrades to our power grid and enjoy substantial rewards.

Targeted Demand Response (TDR) Program:

Central Hudson is offering its best commercial & industrial demand response incentive program exclusively to customers located in specific energy constrained areas. Through the TDR program, participating commercial & industrial customers can commit to reduce their electricity usage at critical times, and get paid $6.82 per kW of load reduction each month of participation (June through September). Customers must be located in an eligible program area and have interval metering installed to participate.

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Commercial System Relief Program (CSRP):

Through the CSRP program, commercial & industrial customers anywhere in the Central Hudson service territory can commit to reduce their electricity usage during peak periods when called upon by Central Hudson. Participants are paid incentives based on how much load reduction they provide. There are two enrollment options within the CSRP program, the reservation payment option & the voluntary payment option.

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Central Hudson Commercial System Relief Program Incentives

Enrollment Option Hours of notification Before Planned DR Events Monthly Reservation Payment Rate Performance Payment Rate During Planned DR Events Performance Payment Rate During Unplanned DR Events

Reservation Payment Option

21 Hours or Greater

$1.23 / KW / Month

$0.11 / kWh

$0.21 / kWh

Voluntary Payment Option

21 Hours or Greater


$0.11 / kWh

$0.35 / kWh

If 5 or more events are called in any control season, the Reservation Payment is increased to $1.54 / kW / month starting with the month with the 5th event through the end of September.

Participant incentives are paid based on actual seasonal-average reductions, calculated using the customer baseline load (CBL) baseline methodology. For more details, see the Central Hudson’s CBL Methodology. 


Central Hudson Commercial System Relief Program Enrollment Deadlines

Enrollment Option Enrollment Deadline Start Date End Date
Reservation Payment Option 1 May 1st June 1st September 30th
Reservation Payment Option 2 June 1st July 1st September 30th
Voluntary Payment Option Open Enrollment 1st of Desired Commencement Month September 30th

Note: Demand Response participants are required to have a communicating interval meter. If an interval meter is not installed prior to the date of application, the participation start date will be July 1st for applications received by May 1st, and August 1st for applications received by June 1st.


TDR Program participants are not eligible to participate in CSRP Program.


  • Customers enrolled in the Reservation Payment option are required to participate in a one hour test event per each year on a non-holiday weekday from June 1 through Sept. 30. If a demand response event is called prior to a test event being scheduled, there will no longer be a test event.

  • Customers must maintain electric reduction for up to 4 hours during non-test events.

  • Central Hudson may issue requests to reduce usage between June 1st and September 30.

  • CSRP participants must be able to respond to demand response events Monday – Friday between the hours of 12AM and 8PM.

  • Energy usage reduction during events is measured using the Central Hudson’s CBL methodology.

For full program rules, see the Program Tariff

Enrollments will be accepted up to May 1st for a June 1st start date and up to June 1st for a July 1st start date. We encourage you to apply through an aggregator. However, you can also apply directly with Central Hudson. The Application form as well as any questions you may have can be submitted to