Climate Change Resilience Plan

Solutions to make our energy grid more resilient to higher temperatures, intense precipitation, and extreme weather events.


Central Hudson Gas & Electric has long been committed to the safe and reliable delivery of energy to its customers throughout New York State’s Mid-Hudson River Valley. As climate changes and extreme weather events become more frequent and intense, Central Hudson is working to anticipate and respond to these changes.

This Climate Change Resilience Plan identifies infrastructure-strengthening investments and process changes to combat the impacts of extreme weather and climate change on Central Hudson’s electric system on the distribution, substation, and transmission levels. The plan builds on Central Hudson’s Climate Change Vulnerability Study, which examined the impact of higher temperatures, intense precipitation and flooding, wind, and extreme weather on the service territory. Both reports respond to a law that was passed in New York State in 2022 that seeks to respond to climate hazards and encourage climate resilience.

Climate Resilience Working Group

Central Hudson is committed to working with stakeholders to provide transparency and collect feedback to ensure that community and consumer needs are considered in the face of climate change. To accomplish this, Central Hudson has formed a Climate Resilience Working Group. This resilience plan incorporates comments and addresses concerns identified through engagement with the working group. Central Hudson will continue to meet with this group at least twice per year to keep stakeholders apprised of resilience plan progress.

Membership in the Central Hudson Climate Study and Resilience Plan Working Group is open to any stakeholder who would like to participate. If you are interested in joining the Climate Resilience Working Group or have inquiries regarding our climate study and resilience planning efforts, please email us.

Other Ways to Participate

Stakeholders can also file comments in the PSC’s statewide proceeding by going to Case number 22-E-0222.


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