ERT Meters

Adoption of ERT Meter Technology

At Central Hudson, we continuously work to improve operating efficiencies and lower costs for the benefit of customers by integrating new technologies and best practices while focusing on safety. Use of the newest generation of digital electric and natural gas meters incorporating Encoder Receiver Transmitters (ERT) technology began in the 1990s to safely improve the efficiency and accuracy of reading meters. Today, the earlier generations of electro-mechanical “analog” meters are no longer manufactured. These are gradually being replaced with digital meters as older analog meters fail or as part of the required periodic state-mandated meter testing program.

Meters with ERT technology use a low-power radio signal to communicate with hand-held receivers carried by meter readers. These meters are safe and reliable. The technology is widely used by utilities in New York and across the United States, and nearly one-half of all Central Hudson meters today are ERT units.

Opt-Out Program

The ERT meters deployed by Central Hudson are approved for use by the New York State Public Service Commission and meet or exceed Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) safety requirements.

However, for those who would prefer to not have this type of meter installed, Central Hudson offers an opt-out program to residential customers. Some restrictions apply. If you are a net metered customer, please contact our customer service department for details.

Customers who opt out of having an ERT meter installed will be subject to the following fees:

Service Fee Fee Frequency
Electric meter only change* $49 Per meter change
Gas meter only change* $89 Per meter change
Gas and electric meters change* $114 Per meter change

* Customers are only subject to meter change fees if an ERT meter is already installed at their residence. All fees will be charged to the customer's account and included on future bills.

Note about analog and digital display meters: Customers who choose to have ERT meters removed from their homes will not receive electro-mechanical analog meters because those types of meters are no longer manufactured. Instead, those customers will have non-ERT digital meters installed. Likewise, customers who currently have electro-mechanical analog meters installed and choose to take part in this opt-out may have current meters replaced with non-ERT digital meters as those older meters are taken out of service.

If you would like to have an ERT meter removed or elect to not have one installed at your residence, click below to read detailed provisions and download the application form:

» ERT Meter Opt-Out Application

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