How to Switch

Step 1.

Explore the Benefits of a Heat Pump System: There are different heat pump options depending on your home type, current HVAC system, whether you are looking for a partial or whole-home system, or if your project is new construction.

Heat Pump Benefits


Step 2.

Find a Participating Contractor: To be eligible for rebates for air- or ground-source heat pumps, a certified New York State clean heat contractor must do the installation.

Certified Clean Heat Contractors


Step 3.

Choose the Best System For Your Home. Your contractor will conduct an assessment on your home to determine what heat pump system and size works best for you as talk about estimated energy savings and other benefits.

Which Heat Pump is Right for Me?


Step 4.

Cash in on Rebates and Incentives. Once you determine which heat pump is right for you, the contractor will fill out all necessary documents for your rebate. Allow 5-7 weeks after submission for the rebate to arrive. New York State also offers financing options and federal and state tax credits may be available. Heat pump water heaters do not require a certified clean heat contractor to be eligible for the Central Hudson rebate, but air- and ground-source heat pumps do.  

Heat Pump Incentives