Green Your Fleet


 Fleet Assessment/Partnerships

Through a research and development project utilizing independent consultants, Central Hudson is working with local fleet operators to determine which vehicles are the most suitable in converting to electric through an electric vehicle suitability assessment. 

What is an electric vehicle suitability assessment (EVSA)?
 An EVSA evaluates your current fleet and creates a multi-year procurement plan to help you electrify it. An EVSA delivers the following information to you:
  • Total cost of ownership per vehicle
  • Forecast of fleet-wide cost of operation and savings
  • Evaluation of multi-year procurement plans specific to your fleet
  • Comparisons of cost based on an independent audit

An EVSA will give you the data you need to build a strong, research-supported case for moving your fleet to electric at a pace that works for your company and its budget.

Click here for more information on Fleet Assessment Services.

There are many benefits to a green fleet, including:

  • Reduced vehicle emissions
  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Ability to promote your company/municpality as eco-friendly
  • Incentives and tax credits