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Medium- and Heavy-Duty Make-Ready Pilot Program

Medium- and heavy-duty vehicle operators looking to install charging stations to electrify fleets may be eligible for electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure funding through the Medium- and Heavy-Duty (MHD) Make-Ready Pilot Program (Pilot). Under the Pilot, customers can receive incentives up to 90% of utility-side infrastructure costs and up to 50% of customer-side costs to qualifying projects to mitigate the cost of developing EV charging capacity.

Funds for incentives are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. To qualify, a site must be either publicly accessible or participating in a qualified voucher incentive program. In pursuit of the Pilot’s primary objective of reducing diesel emissions within Disadvantaged Communities (DACs), funding will be prioritized for projects within a DAC or that support fleets that operate in DACs. The program will accept applications until Dec. 31, 2025, or until available incentive funding has been fully allocated, whichever comes first.

For more details on program eligibility, budget availability, and how to participate, please review Cental Hudson’s Participant Manual and the Joint Utilities’ website for resources and email us at EVMakeReadyCH@icf.com.

Pilot Program Eligibility

Applications for the Pilot will be evaluated on three key criteria—public accessibility, participation in a voucher incentive program (as defined below) and serving DACs. A site must be either publicly accessible or participating in a voucher incentive program described below to be eligible to participate in the Pilot. Central Hudson will have full discretion in accepting applications and deciding final incentives based on the specific characteristics of the project. 

To determine if your site is located within or near a DAC, please visit our EJ/LMI zone service map. To determine if your site is located in an area with sufficient feeder capacity for EV charging, please visit ourEV capacity map 

To be eligible, you must: 

  • Receive or plan to receive electric service from Central Hudson 
  • Provide charging for vehicles equal to or over 10,001 lbs. gross vehicle weight 

For utility-side make-ready incentives (up to 90%): Must be publicly accessible or must be approved for one of the following voucher incentive programs before applying for the Pilot:

 For customer-side make-ready incentives (up to 50%): 

  • Must be publicly accessible, or 
  • Participating in a qualifying voucher program (see above) and located in a DAC. 

Incentive Amounts

Under the Pilot, customers can receive incentives of up to 90% utility-side infrastructure costs and of customer-side costs to qualifying projects to mitigate the cost of developing EV charging. capped at of installed EV charging capacity. 

How to Apply

  • Enter project information in the online application portal
  • You'll need to have this information ready for submission:
    • Quotes or invoices for customer-side make-ready costs
    • Site plan with location of chargers
    • Satellite image of site and location of chargers
    • Charging equipment specifications
    • Selected approved contractor


Application Portal Download Printable Application


How To Green Your Fleet

1. If applicable, apply for one of the eligible voucher programs. Please note that voucher program participation is NOT required for publicly accessible sites. 

2. Contact us to discuss charging infrastructure needs and requirements, assess eligibility for the Pilot, and apply for fleet assessment services.

3. Once your voucher has been approved, find a contractor and apply for make-ready funding through our application portal

4. If applicable, find a participating vehicle dismantler to complete scrappage of your old diesel truck or bus. Contact the program administrator for your chosen program for more information on vehicle scrappage requirements.

5. Keep in regular communication with your vehicle dealer, electrical contractor, and our program staff regarding status of vehicle producuction and infrastructure work. 

6. Once chargers are commissioned and vehicle is delivered, finalize incentive program documents and receive your incentive. 

7. Remember to complete our participant survey with any applicable reporting required by your chosen voucher program. 


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