Process & Technical Requirements

Application Process

There are three different potential application processes for DER systems looking to interconnect to the Central Hudson system. These processes and the criteria determining which of the three a DER developer will follow are outlined below.

Applications ≤ 5 MW

For DER Systems up to 5 MW proposing to operate in parallel within the distribution system and not participate in NYISO markets, Central Hudson follows the application process as listed within the New York State Standardized Interconnection Requirements (NYSSIR).  The steps, timelines, and costs associated within the application process are dictated within the NYSSIR and depend on the characteristics of the DER System including but not limited to AC nameplate rating, protective equipment, and the existing distribution circuitry at the point of interconnection.

Visit the Department of Public Service’s Distributed Generation website for more information and to download the most current version of the NYSSIR. Application information as well as all applicable forms also can be found on Central Hudson’s Distributed Generation website, along with the ability to submit an application online via Central Hudson’s Interconnection Online Application Portal (IOAP).

For questions regarding the interconnection application process, refer to the Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Contact List on Central Hudson’s Distributed Generation website.  Note that the NYSSIR application process does not include steps and requirements for completing an application to open a new Central Hudson account. If the applicant is not an existing Central Hudson customer and therefore requires new service for the DER System, refer to Section III. F. "Service Requirements" of Central Hudson's Interconnection Requirements.

Applications > 5 MW

DER Systems up to with an AC nameplate rating greater than 5 MW that do not qualify for the NYISO Interconnection Process will follow the processes and procedures in Section III. A. "Applications ≤ 5 MW" of Central Hudson's Interconnection Requirements, but may be subject to additional state and federal procedures. Note that timelines and costs may differ from those described in Section III. A. "Applications ≤ 5 MW." 

Refer to the Application Process for Energy Storage and Distributed Generation greater than 5 MW guide for more details regarding this process.

NYISO Interconnection Process

For DER Systems that meet either of the following requirements: 

  • Will be connected to a transmission line or transmission substation bus and the Interconnection Customer intends to participate in the NYISO’s wholesale markets, or

  • Will be connected to an existing FERC jurisdictional for interconnection distribution bus or circuit and the Interconnection Customer intends to participate in the NYISO’s wholesale market

The Interconnection Customer is required to submit the interconnection request directly to the NYISO. For information on the appropriate NYISO application process, visit the NYISO’s website.

Technical Requirements

Please refer to Central Hudson's Interconnection Guidelines.
Central Hudson's Interconnection Requirements
Central Hudson BESS Charge and Discharge Schedules
Central Hudson Inverter Settings for 50kW and below
Central Hudson Inverter Settings for greater than 50kW