Application/Agreement to Opt-Out of AMR Meter Installation

Read and complete the form below OR submit this downloadable pdf version.

THE UNDERSIGNED applicant ("Applicant") hereby makes application to, and enters into an agreement with, CENTRAL HUDSON GAS & ELECTRIC CORPORATION ("Company") to Opt‐Out of the installation of an AMR meter at their service address indicated in the form below. Applicant is Company customer taking service at the address indicated below. Customer is taking non‐demand electric and/or natural gas service pursuant to Service Classification Nos. 1 or 2 under P.S.C. No. 15 – Electricity and Service
Classification Nos. 1, 2, 6, 12 or 13 under P.S.C. No. 12 – Gas, as both of these tariffs may be modified or superseded as approved by the New York State Public Service Commission ("Commission").

Applicant agrees to comply with the provisions of this Agreement and the Rules applicable thereto as set forth in the Company’s tariffs, publicly available at the Commission’s website at In particular, Applicant requests that the Company not install, or, if already installed, remove an AMR meter at the address indicated on the form below and install a non‐AMR electronic digital meter, or other non‐AMR meter approved for installation for Applicant by the Commission. Applicant understands and agrees that the installation of a non‐AMR meter may cause Applicant to incur costs for which Applicant alone is responsible. If the Applicant's meter is located inside the premises of the service address, Applicant agrees that Applicant
shall be solely responsible for all costs to move the existing inside meter to an outside location designated by Company. Applicant and Company agree that Company shall not install a non‐AMR meter until an outside meter location has been established.

Applicant understands and agrees that the installation of a non‐AMR meter causes the Company to incur incremental costs not associated with the installation of an AMR meter. The Commission has approved recovery of the incremental costs associated with the installation of a non‐AMR meter through fees charged to Applicant. Applicant agrees that it will pay all approved fees
associated with the installation of a non‐AMR meter as the Commission may approve and amend the fees from time to time.

The fee schedule is:

Service Fee Frequency
Meter change fee, electric meter only $49.00 one time
Meter change fee, gas meter only $89.00 one time
Meter change fee, electric and gas meters $114.00 one time

The one‐time fee(s) will appear on your first bill after the non‐AMR meter(s) has(have) been installed at your premises. If you later choose to have your AMR meter re‐installed, a one‐time re‐installation fee will apply that is equal to the fee listed above for the AMR meter's removal.

AMR meters requested to be replaced (check one or both boxes):