Central Hudson crews repair fallen wires

Electrical Emergencies

To Report Fallen Wires or Other Electrical Emergencies:

1. STAY AWAY! If you see a fallen power line or other potentially hazardous condition involving electrical equipment, stay at least 30 feet away. You cannot tell if the line is energized just by looking at it. The ground around fallen or low-hanging lines as well as surrounding objects such as fences could be energized. Do not ever touch a power line or use an object such as a broom or stick to try to move the wire or anything else in contact with it. Do not touch anyone who is in direct or indirect contact with a fallen line. Be careful not to step in water near where a fallen power line is located. Do not drive over fallen power lines.

2. CALL 911 immediately to make a report. Emergency responders will be notified and Central Hudson dispatched to make repairs.

3. While ensuring your own safety, please do your best to alert others to the fallen wires and urge them to stay at least 30 feet away from the fallen line and anything contacting it as well.

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