Text Alerts FAQs

How much does texting cost?
Texting is offered at no charge by Central Hudson. Your cellphone provider may bill you for text messages received and sent with this service. Central Hudson is not responsible for these charges. Before using, check with your cellphone service provider for text message costs.

For information about Terms and Conditions, click here.

Can Central Hudson guarantee delivery of text messages?
Central Hudson cannot guarantee delivery of text messages. Your cell phone wireless carrier is responsible for transmitting text messages. Text message delivery may be limited by your cell phone plan or your provider’s wireless coverage area.

From time to time, the texting system may be unavailable and text messages cannot be sent by us. This could result in undelivered or untimely text messages.

How do I send text messages?
Each cell phone works differently. Check the instructions that came with your cell phone to determine how to send text messages from your device.

How do I locate a list of commands?
To get a list of commands: Text HELP to 236483 (CenHud).

What commands can I text to 236483?

  • REG: To activate your account for text messaging. You will need your ten digit account number along with your five digit zip code.

  • OUT: To report an outage at your location. Important: For fallen lines or other emergency situations, contact customer service at 800-527-2714.

  • STAT: To find out the estimated time of restoration for your outage.

  • PAY to pay your account balance using your checking account.

  • BAL: To find out the total balance due on your account.

  • NICK: To assign up to a maximum of twelve character nickname for an account.

  • PAUSE: Once registered, you may choose to pause outage and billing alerts on one or all of your accounts at any time by simply texting PAUSE.

  • STOP: To unregister your account. You will receive a message that asks you to choose which notifications to stop. Respond “all” to completely unregister from the program. (REG to re-register).

  • RESUME: To resume receiving alerts after pausing.

Can I pay my bill by text message?
You can pay the total balance due on your account by texting the command PAY.  If your checking account is already on file with us, we will verify the last four digits of your account number and then you simply verify the amount due and text Y to complete a payment transaction.  If you are asked to enroll, call 800-527-2714 to speak with a representative or enter our IVR (press 3) and make a one-time payment using your checking account.  By doing this, your account number will be available for you to text PAY and make future bill payments. 

What if I change my mobile phone number?
Prior to changing your phone number, text STOP to unregister your account. When you receive your new phone number, text REG to re-register your account.

Can I register more than one account?
Customers can register all of their accounts, with no limit to how many. By adding nicknames to each one, you can report electric outages and get balance information with ease.

Why would I want a nickname on my account?
For customers with several accounts registered for text messaging, a nickname can be assigned to a specific account. This will enable the customer to use this shortcut: COMMAND space NICKNAME to quickly access information about that particular account. Example: OUT BARN

Can my spouse and I both register for the same account with each of our phones?
Yes, more than one phone can be registered to the same account.