Monthly Meter Reading

Central Hudson has begun the transition to monthly meter readings for residential customers, moving away from estimated bills - and will continue this transition in 2024.

An electric meter


Prior to 2016, Central Hudson issued residential customers bimonthly bills and read meters every other month. In 2016, state regulators required Central Hudson to issue monthly bills for most customers. To avoid raising costs for customers, the state approved a plan to issue residential bills monthly and read meters every other month (for the months between actual meter readings, a bill based on estimated usage was issued). 

We’ve heard our customers and understand that our practice of bi-monthly estimates has been a major pain point. Central Hudson has agreed with our regulators on an implementation of monthly meter reading that involves a phased approach.

Converting customer accounts to a monthly meter reading routine requires software work. Our approach of phasing in customers to a monthly reading routine – instead of switching all customers at once – helps mitigate complications. 

We began transitioning customer accounts to monthly meter reading in September 2023. Customer accounts will be converted based on location served, with the expectation that the majority of accounts will be converted by end of summer 2024.

Timeline of conversion (subject to adjustment) Impacted location Completed
End of 2023 Portion of Newburgh Division
Winter 2024 Kingston Division
Spring 2024 Poughkeepsie Division, remaining Newburgh Division (accounts not included in 2023 phase), Catskill Division  
Summer 2024 Fishkill Division  


Customers will receive a notification by email (or USPS mail if there isn't an email address on file associated with the impacted account) when it is time for their accounts to be converted. The transition will not require any action on the part of our customers. Once you receive notification that your account has been transitioned to receiving monthly readings, if you had been submitting your own readings on our website or mobile app during estimated bill periods, please discontinue doing so.  

Please note - estimated readings: Estimated readings may still be used in certain circumstances, such as instances where Central Hudson cannot access the meter to obtain a reading. 

Please note - reading meters: Central Hudson uses a variety of meter reading devices and technologies to collect customer meter readings. While some meters need to be read visually by a meter reader, other meter readings can be obtained from a distance. 

To our net-metered customers: Solar customer meters will be read every month - and will now receive a Central Hudson bill every month, transitioning away from bimonthly bills. Any payment agreements or on-bill financing plans will now be accounted for on a monthly basis.

Monthly meter readings will provide confidence that bills align closely with actual usage on a monthly basis, and give customers a better understanding of energy usage and consumption patterns. Central Hudson is committed to continually improving our services to better meet our customers' needs.