Central Hudson crews at work in a rural Hudson Valley location

Quality of Life

We're just a short commute from New York City, "the Capital of the World," yet worlds apart from the hustle, bustle, hassle and crowding.

The Hudson Valley is a breath of fresh air for corporations trying to balance the demands of business growth with the personal, human needs of their workers and their growing families. Here is a place where you can both make a living and make a life. It's a place of stunning beauty graced by broad stretches of wooded hillsides and plains, fertile farmlands, orchards and vineyards, spectacular fall foliage and blazing sunsets seen almost nightly across the Catskills. The majestic Hudson River is lined with the fabled mansions of millionaire-industrialists from a bygone era, and by vibrant small cities, towns and villages rich in community spirit.

Recreational activities abound, including golf, skiing, hiking, fishing, hunting, rock-climbing, camping, swimming, boating, sailing, tennis, hang-gliding and white-water rafting.