Central Hudson employees at work in the field


The following benefits are available to full-time Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation employees:

Health Benefits
As an employee, you can choose to participate in a health care plan that provides a choice of medical coverage, as well as dental and vision benefits.

401K Plan
You are eligible to join the 401K plan IMMEDIATELY. The Company provides a partial matching contribution up to 8 percent. You are always 100 percent vested in both your contributions and the Company's matching contributions.

You are covered for life insurance equal to two times your base salary if you are in management, and equal to your base salary if you are a unionized employee. In addition, Business Travel Insurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance are also provided. The Company pays for all of this coverage in full.

LTD Insurance
All management employees are eligible to enroll in the Long-Term Disability plan. This plan provides monthly payments of up to 2/3 of your monthly salary should you become permanently disabled and can no longer work.

Tuition Assistance
You are eligible to participate in the Company’s Tuition Assistance Program. The Company pays up to 100 percent of the costs associated with tuition and fees for an employee enrolled in a degree-granting course of study. The Company pays 75 percent of the costs of a course an employee takes that is related to his/her work (but not resulting in a degree).

Employee Assistance Program
You are covered by the Company’s Employee Assistance Program. The program offers confidential counseling assistance to employees or their eligible dependents who may need the services of a professional to assist them through difficult or confusing situations.

You will become eligible for vacation that is based on your service time. The vacation schedule ranges from one to six weeks.

The Company celebrates 10 fixed holidays, and employees also have three floating holidays that can be used at any time.

Recreation Center
The Company maintains an employee training and recreation center complete with swimming (and swimming lessons for employees’ children and grandchildren) and picnic grounds for outdoor games and activities.