Matching Gifts Program

The Employee Matching Gift Program offers financial assistance to nonprofit organizations that are supported by our employees, and which also provide services within Central Hudson’s operating area. Central Hudson will match employee gifts made to eligible organizations of up to $500 per employee annually. In addition, employee contributions made to the Community Fund of the United Way during the annual campaign are also matched, and will not count toward an employee’s $500 annual maximum.

Who Can Participate?
Regular, active, part- and full-time employees of Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation can participate. Retirees, inactive employees on leaves-of-absence, contractors and/or members of the Board of Directors are not eligible.

What Institutions Can Participate?
Qualifying institutions must be:
1) located or provide constituent services in a county within the service area of Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation, and
2) recognized as tax-exempt, nonprofit organizations as described under section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code.

Institutions meeting these two primary requirements may be, but are not limited to:

  • hospitals located in counties served by Central Hudson;
  • health and human services or social welfare providers;
  • degree-granting two- and four-year private or public colleges and/or universities located in counties served by Central Hudson;
  • independent educational funds;
  • performing art organizations and/
    or united arts funds;
  • educational centers and/or museums;
  • private and public libraries;
  • qualified youth organizations;
  • fire and emergency response agencies;
  • historical societies and/or
  • environmental organizations.

Ineligible organizations include:

  • religious, sectarian, political and/or discriminatory groups;
  • public and private elementary or secondary schools;
  • fraternities, sororities, honorary societies and/or campus organizations; and
  • seminaries or religious schools.

How Are Gifts Matched?
The Matching Gift Program will match, dollar for dollar, eligible contributions made by Central Hudson employees to qualifying organizations ranging from a minimum contribution of $50 to a maximum of $500.

  • Personal contributions must actually be paid, not merely pledged.
  • Each employee may designate up to $500 of eligible donations each year (i.e., ten $50 gifts, one $500 gift or any combination thereof).
  • Completed applications and proof of donation for matching funds must be received by recipient organizations by Dec. 15 of each year; gifts will be matched by Dec. 31. Applications will be accepted for contributions made on or after Jan. 1.

Only cash gifts can be made to eligible organizations under this program. Ineligible gifts include payments for which goods or services were received, including tuition, tickets and/or student/membership fees; Donor Choice contributions made to the United Way (only Community Fund contributions can be matched); non-cash gifts, real or personal property or personal services (e.g., works of art, donated labor, etc.); gifts that are made as a consequence of, or lead to, material, direct benefit to the donor, donor’s family or an individual designated by the donor; gifts used to satisfy a legal obligation; or the value of subscriptions, substantial premiums and other benefits associated with a class of membership established by a nonprofit organization – only the tax-deductible portion of such membership qualifies for the matching gift.

Administrative Conditions

  • Central Hudson determines the interpretation, application and administration of this program, which may be amended, suspended, revoked, or terminated at any time. No obligation is imposed upon or accepted by Central Hudson by reason of its Employee Matching Gift Program.
  • Institutions that meet the specific criteria listed herein are considered for participation, but Central Hudson makes the determination of an institution’s initial and continuing participation.
  • If a matching gift is at any time found to have been generated by an ineligible individual or organization, Central Hudson expects return of the gift. Continued misuse of the Employee Matching Gift Program will cause an organization to lose its eligibility for matching gifts.
  • Central Hudson reserves the right to request any supporting documentation it considers necessary.

How to Participate

Employees must:

  • Complete the FORM; be sure to specify date and the amount.
  • Mail the completed form and contribution to the qualifying organization, noting “Eligible for CH Match” in the memo portion of the check.

Qualifying organizations must:

  • Verify that the donation was received and remit their completed portion of the form to Central Hudson at the indicated address.
  • Provide documentation of its 501(c)(3) status for Central Hudson’s records.

The matching gift will be processed and the employee notified by email when the matching contribution is mailed to the organization.