Ambassador Program

Central Hudson has knowledgable employee-ambassadors who are available to give free presentations on various Central Hudson-related topics customized for your organization. If you are a community group, nonprofit, civic organization, social service, senior living community or school representative, fill out the form below to request a presentation. The length and content of presentations are determined by the needs of your audience.


Presentation topics include: 

Energy Leadership (state energy policy and what it means for affordability): Central Hudson is committed to helping our customers understand New York state's clean energy goals and how these goals affect our approach to carbon emission reduction. This presentation will cover Central Hudson's plan on powering the path to a cleaner future and the cost paid by customers to meet these goals. Understanding your Central Hudson bill and a breakdown of delivery charges will be covered. More information on these subjects can be found in our Powering the Path to a Cleaner Future white paper here

Electric Vehicles: New York’s ambitious clean energy goals will require converting gasoline and diesel vehicles (the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions) to electric vehicles. Central Hudson is facilitating private electric vehicle charging and infrastructure through planning and investments in the electric distribution system, industry collaboration in innovative rate design, and directly assisting local governments and private parties in planning and installing EV equipment. More information on this topic can be found here

Energy Efficiency (programs, rebates and incentives): Central Hudson's energy efficiency programs have saved residents and businesses more than 50,000 MWh in 2016, more than 54,000 MWh in 2017, and 82,000 MWh in 2018. A Central Hudson ambassador can speak on the future challenge of maintaining this level of progress, our current programs and rebate incentives, energy saving strategies for customers, and energy efficiency plans for the future. For an overview of our energy efficiency programs, click here


Energy Choice: Understanding community choice aggregation (CCA), energy service companies (ESCOs), community distributed generation (community solar) and renewable energy certificates (RECs) will be covered. Information on energy choice can be found here

Assistance Programs: Central Hudson ambassadors are also available to provide presentations on payment and special assistance programs for income-eligible customers. Information on assistance programs can be found here


Central Hudson Ambassador Program

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