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Pole Attachment FAQs » Central Hudson » Working With Us » Pole Attachment FAQs

Q: What happens if the decorative temporary attachment is deemed to not comply with the provisions of the enclosed letter and/or license?

A: Central Hudson may remove the attachment, and the municipality and/or organization may be notified of the removal to the extent possible. 

Q: What are the insurance requirements for decorative temporary attachments?

A: The applicant and its contractor must provide a certificate of insurance naming Central Hudson as an additional insured, providing general liability coverage in the amount of $2,000,000.

Q: Who do I contact at the telephone company to obtain a license?

A: Contact the local telephone company business office to determine telephone company requirements for attachments. 

Q: How long does it take after an application is submitted to arrange for an inspection and license to be issued?

A: Following receipt of a completed application, you will be contacted within 10 working days to schedule an inspection of the poles to which you wish to attach. Issuing of a license is contingent upon Central Hudson’s approval of the application and receipt of proper certificates of insurance from the applicant and its contractor.

Q: Does the electrician installing the fixtures have to be licensed?

A: Check with the state, county, and local municipality regarding their rules and regulations.

Q: Is there a standard for installing an outlet on a utility pole for lighting decorative temporary attachments?

A: Yes, it is in Central Hudson’s “Specifications and Requirements for Electric Installations,” Figure 44. There has been a change to our current requirements, as the control unit #30-15-496 is no longer available. A customer-supplied photocell must installed in the NEMA 3R enclosure.

Q: What is the term of a license for attachments? Can they be kept “Until Revoked”?

A: The application has definitive time frames, i.e., banners proclaiming a fall harvest, should have an appropriate time frame of, e.g., September 1st through November 30th for attachment to poles, and removed sometime during the month of December. If you should wish to hang them again the following year, a new application will need to be filed. Licenses are revocable at the discretion of Central Hudson. 

Q: Where on the pole can I install temporary attachments, such as seasonal lights and banners? 

A: In all cases, installations must be placed so that there is a minimum of 40” of vertical clearance below Central Hudson’s lowest conductor on the pole. Check with the local telephone company for its requirements.

Q: Are there other license requirements before lights and fixtures can be installed?

A: If you are working on a State or County Highway, you must obtain a highway work permit from that agency. You should also check national, state, county and local municipal codes. Once again, you are reminded that you need the prior approval of the telephone company if the pole is jointly owned.

Q: Do lights need to be inspected before they can be connected?

A: Yes, an independent electrical inspection agency must inspect the installation to certify compliance. The municipality can provide an affirmative statement that the installation meets municipal requirements.

Q: Is there a fee to connect/tap-on temporary decorative lighting?

A: Yes, the fee is $25.00 per attachment.