Benefits of Switching to Natural Gas

Customer Testimonials

Couple: Neighbor was right

"Gas is so much cleaner, it's way more efficient, and in the long run, it's so much cheaper."

- Eli Kosanovich, New Windsor

Man: A wise investment

"I looked at this purely as an investment, and when I calculated the savings, I knew it was good."

- Herbert Dym, Poughkeepsie

Man: Away from oil

"On a long-term basis, when you think about energy security, you've just got to go with gas."

- Clay Harshberger, Kingston

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Unmatched Reliability and Convenience

  • No more fuel deliveries — natural gas is always available.

  • Get rid of your old oil tank (and the worry that goes with it).

  • Natural gas heating systems require less maintenance and repairs.

  • Only pay for the fuel you use.

  • We offer a package deal that handles all the details, from first call to connection.

  • Natural gas supply pipelines are underground, protecting from the weather.

  • Natural gas is a domestic fuel, with 99% produced in North America.

  • Easier delivery: The United States is the world's leading producer of natural gas.

Natural Gas is Better for the Environment

  • Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel.

  • Natural gas produces less air pollution.

  • No soot or fumes.

  • No deliveries or underground storage.

  • Natural gas lowers the amount of greenhouse gases and carbon emitted by your household, generating less carbon dioxide than other heating fuels: 45% less than coal, 30% less than oil and 15% less than wood.