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Customer Testimonials

"Gas is so much cleaner, it's way more efficient, and in the long run, it's so much cheaper."
- Eli Kosanovich, New Windsor

"Switching from oil to natural gas was the best thing ever. The water temperature is a lot better. We don’t have to wait a long time for the water to heat up and the temperature is pretty much constant. The furnace runs very quietly. Wish we did do this from the beginning. Thanks to everyone who helped us."
- V.R., Athens

Natural gas is more energy efficient, cost stable, environmentally friendly and reliable than other forms of heat, such as oil and propane. Plus, being an owner of mixed-use buildings, our tenants appreciate being able to control their own thermostats while saving money.
- Mark Lehman, Principal Owner, Rosewalk Properties LLC

"I looked at this purely as an investment, and when I calculated the savings, I knew it was good."
- Herbert Dym, Poughkeepsie

"I am saving close to $200 a month by switching to natural gas -- it's the best thing I ever did. No stress and a great experience."
- George Maravegias,
Owner, Athena Gyro,

Man: A wise investment

"On a long-term basis, when you think about energy security, you've just got to go with gas."
- Clay Harshberger, Kingston

"It’s definitely more economical for us, having switched from an old oil furnace. It’s more efficient and reliable and we never have to worry about running out."
- Lisa M., Poughkeepsie

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