Benefits of Switching to Natural Gas

Natural gas is a much more convenient heating fuel

  • No more fuel deliveries — natural gas is always available.family_gas_heat.jpg
  • Get rid of your old oil tank (and the worry that goes with it).
  • Natural gas heating systems require less maintenance and repairs.
  • Only pay for the fuel you use.
  • Take advantage of Central Hudson’s Budget Bills, which spread costs evenly over 12 months.
  • We offer a package deal that handles all the details, from first call to connection.
  • We can provide an HVAC installer for switching to natural gas heat.
  • Natural gas is a domestic fuel, with 99% produced in North America.
  • Easier delivery: The United States is the world's leading producer of natural gas.

How to Switch

Natural gas is better for the environment

  • Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel.
  • Using natural gas produces less air pollution, emitting considerably less carbon dioxide, sulfur, nitrogen and particulates than other fuels.
  • No soot or fumes.
  • No deliveries or underground storage.
  • Natural gas produces 28% less CO2 than fuel oil.

Customer testimonials


"Gas is so much cleaner, it's way more efficient, and in the long run, it's so much cheaper."
Eli Kosanovich, 
New Windsor


"I looked at this purely as an investment, and when I calculated the savings, I knew it was good."
Herbert Dym, 


"On a long-term basis, when you think about energy security, you've just got to go with gas."
Clay Harshberger,