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Central Hudson wants to play a lead role in deploying electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the Hudson Valley and encourages the transition from gasoline powered vehicles to electric vehicles. Central Hudson supports the state's goals to increase electrification and reduce emissions (see our Powering the Path to a Cleaner Future initiatives), and is working with stakeholders to make public charging stations a reality. 

What is Central Hudson doing?

Planning and Investments: Central Hudson is facilitating private electric vehicle charging and infrastructure through planning and investments in the electric distribution system, industry collaboration in innovative rate design and directly assisting local governments and private parties in planning and installing electric vehicle equipment.

Fleet Assessment: Through a research and development project utilizing independent consultants, Central Hudson developed partnerships with local fleet operators to determine which vehicles are the most suitable in converting to electric vehicles, including its own. 

Mapping Project: Central Hudson is working with Electric Power Research Institute on a method to map suitable locations for charging infrastructure in the Hudson Valley.

Incentives, Rate Structure: Central Hudson, the New York Public Service Commission, the New York Power Authority and other New York utility companies have jointly and successfully developed an incentive for fast charger deployment in the state, effective March 1, 2019. Central Hudson is also supportive of rate designs that encourage recharging during periods that support the electric system, for example coupling charging with solar production and offering electric vehicle time-of-use rate incentives.

To download the report, click here.


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